At Quiet Place 2, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt want to renegotiate: Paramount says no

We have seen over the last few months how much the possibility of penalizing cinemas in favor of streaming platforms has been badly digested by most directors, actors and professionals in general: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, respectively, are no exception. director and star of A Quiet Place 2.

Although the forecasts spoke of a respectable box office debut for A Quiet Place 2, in fact, Paramount’s decision was in any case to reduce the exclusivity window, sending John Krasinski’s film online to only 45 days away from its release in the hall (against 90 usually expected).

An idea that did not make us particularly happy Krasinski e Blunt, who therefore immediately requested an adjustment of the economic agreements with the production: the two spouses are in fact quite sure that theI arrive in streaming in a short time it would push people to wait for the availability of the film in the catalogs of the platforms, inevitably reducing their earnings.

A request, that of Krasinski and Blunt, promptly rejected by Paramount: at this point we will see if there will be any consequences for the relationship between the two actors and the production. To find out more about the film by the former The Office star, in the meantime, here you can find the final trailer for A Quiet Place 2.

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