Auschwitz Untold In Colour Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Some tales are difficult to recall and much more challenging to relate. One of such tales is the Holocaust.

The horrifying tale of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis between 1941 and 1945, a time of dread and unrest, is presented in Auschwitz Untold in Color.

The miniseries uses colorized WWII archival material and firsthand narratives from 16 Holocaust survivors to present this tale. Here is anything we know about Season 2 of Auschwitz Untold in Color.

David Shulman, a BAFTA-winning producer, directed and produced the two-part documentary “Auschwitz UntolinIColorur” for Channel.

Auschwitz UntolinIColor is produced by Sheldon Lazarus, Amanda Ahmad, Zachary Behr, and Mark Tinkler, with Leo Pearlman and Neil Grant serving as executive producers.

The researcher that contributed to the creation of Auschwitz UntolinIColor was Jean-Mark Bou Mansour, while Daniel Biro served as the show’s soundtrack composer.

The first 10-minute episode of Auschwitz Untold Color, titled “The Untold Road to Auschwitz,” debuted on numerous platforms on January 26, 2020, including Channel 4.

The next day, on January 27, 2020, the UK saw the publication of Episode 2, with the working title “The Unthinkable.”

Auschwitz Untold In Colour Season 2 Release Date:

Season 2 of Auschwitz Untold in Color has not been ordered as of October 25, 2022. Since 2020, there hasn’t been any discussion of a second season.

It’s probable that the miniseries won’t get a second season even if the plot isn’t finished since the Jews haven’t been fully freed from the Nazis.

The miniseries’ goal, in my opinion, was not to depict how the conflict would conclude. However, we’ll keep an eye on things and refresh this page if anything changes.

Auschwitz Untold In Colour Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Auschwitz Untold in Color does not have an official teaser video. The trailer for the previous season is available to see in the section below.

Auschwitz Untold In Colour Season 2 Storyline:

Episode 1 of The Untold Road to Auschwitz: The Rise of Fascism, which follows families’ uprooting and the protracted trip from centuries-old Jewish villages into Auschwitz—a place that could only be described as hell on earth—is available on Channel 4.

Survivors of the Holocaust discuss their methods for escaping Auschwitz and stories of resistance, include sabotaging the Nazi war machine, in Episode 2: The Unthinkable. featuring archival material in color. Station 4

In a two-part series that will be shown in the UK later this month, black-and-white film and images from within the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz will be seen in color for the first time on television.

In addition, Auschwitz Untold in Color will involve testimonies from people who managed to escape the camps that housed mass executioners, including a rare one from a French Roma survivor.

The series’ director, David Shulman, told the Guardian that it was a “privilege” to helm it. The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz will coincide with its broadcast on More4, making it “the last significant Holocaust anniversary where survivors may still be alive to tell their stories.”

The Bafta-winning film sought to address three under-researched subjects: the effect on the Roma population, the function of Jewish resistance inside as well as outside of the ghettos, and the erasure of Jewish culture.

Additionally, he emphasized the significance of centering the narrative on the characters who were present in order to see the events “through the eyes of very young people who have acquired deeper political insight [through their lives]”.

The show includes film in addition to images from the Auschwitz Album, which includes some of the only known photographs shot inside the camp and is believed to have been taken by SS guards. In a remarkable chance, a single person was able to recognize individuals in the pictures that they were familiar with.

The technique of colorization has been employed in prior works, such as Peter Jackson’s 2018 documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, which focused on the First World War experiences of soldiers.

It is anticipated that this would help viewers understand the Holocaust better. Development producer Sheldon Lazarus stated that the goal of the documentary was to “remove a barrier that divides contemporary viewing audience… so that we not ever forget the crimes of the past” in a statement released by Fulwell73, the production firm behind the sports documentaries Sunderland ‘Til I Die and The Class of ’92.

Shulman noted that it was “extremely amazing to see the dimension of compassion that was added” when he transitioned from the “grisly, horrible” sights within the camps to the pictures of release.

“All of that gives the movie a more modern resonance. Today is also a factor, not simply history.

With the transformative power of a restored and colorized black and white archive, a powerful and revelatory account of one of the most heinous crimes in human history is told entirely from the perspectives of 16 extraordinary Holocaust survivors, ranging from a Jewish artist to a Roma resistance fighter.

Their inspiring tales of survival in a Nazi death camp as well as armed resistance in the WWII underground are made all the more resonant as well as real for a new generation of viewers.

Where To Watch Auschwitz Untold In Colour Season 2?

It is possible to watch Auschwitz Untold in Color on a number of platforms and networks. The History Channel website, Binge, Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and All 4 (and its mobile app) all provide access to the first season’s two episodes.

All of these online streaming services and broadcast networks will provide season 2 if it happens.

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