New Delhi, 1 Special. From New York Times ... The fierce fire in the jungles of Australia did not attract any attention. For one week, the kidney has been burning sesame and sesame. The country and the world have expressed concern over the damage caused by the fire, but no major attention has been paid to the major damage. Some areas of Australia are facing other crises after the fire is extinguished. These problems include water scarcity and air pollution. In addition, experts in biodiversity drew attention to this. The picture presented by the experts of the damage done by the fire is not only shocking but very frightening. Let us know what is the matter that nobody noticed. Is this really a big loss?

600,000 to 700,000 Such species

Actually, the forests in Australia which are on fire is a very useful area in terms of biodiversity. There are not a million or crores, but animals of billions of species are found here. Nobody paid attention to this in their assessment. Apparently the flames destroyed the species. Biodiversity experts have said that this is a danger bell for many species. How terrible this fire is, it can only be gauged by this that an area of ​​one lakh square kilometers has been burnt to ashes due to this fire.

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He says that there are 600,000 to 700,000 species that are not found anywhere in the world. Many species are found only in this forest. In such a situation, these species were destroyed. That is, this species is destroyed or is on the verge of destruction. He is in danger today due to heavy fire. The effect of water scarcity is coming in the form of conflict between humans and animals.

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Big crisis on 250,000 insect species

In this large forested area, about 250,000 insect species have suffered a major crisis. The special thing is that this species of pests was found only in this forest. Several species have either perished or are on the verge of extinction due to the fire that has been on for several days. The fire poses a threat to end these species. But no attention was paid to these species. This species of insect is extremely useful for the biodiversity of forests.

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Fire spread over 5 lakh acres

According to Fox News, a fire started in two forested areas in southern eastern Australia, which has spread over an area of ​​1.5 million acres. So far more than three thousand houses have been destroyed and 26 people have lost their lives. More than a billion animals have died or their lives are in danger. This information has been revealed in the latest assessment of Sydney University. In a statement issued by the university, Professor Chris Dickman has said that it is not possible to compare the damage caused by the fire. Animals have been greatly affected by this fire.

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Natural sources of water and burning of forests created huge constriction

This has had another effect. Many natural sources of water have been lost due to this fire that has been on for several days. Many green forests have perished due to fire. This has created the problem of animals to extinguish their food and thirst. In this way, the biggest crisis has come before the camels. Thousands of camels are being killed in South Australia. Due to severe heat and drought, this step is being taken. People living in this area say that these camels are causing damage to towns and buildings. Camels are roaming the streets in search of water, posing a threat to young children and others. Along with this, there is also the possibility of killing horses.

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It is planned to raise 10,000 wild camels in this order. Aboriginal communities living in the far north west of South Australia, also known as APY, have grown to a large extent. Camels (and some wild horses) are the foundation of their arrangement for these tribals. Now these wild horses have been erected. The number of camels here is more than one million.

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Australia's temperature has risen by one degree Celsius since 1910

Scientists have issued a warning that the cases of fire due to hot and dry weather will increase further. Many parts of Australia have been in drought conditions for a few years, making it easier to catch and spread fire. Statistics show that Australia's temperature has risen by one degree Celsius since 1910. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, temperatures have begun to warm up since 1950. Meteorologists have warned that hot temperatures and the risk of fire in Australia will also remain fire.

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