Sydney, AFP. Australia's Privacy Monitoring Commission has sued Facebook over data theft. The world's leading social networking site has been accused of failing to prevent British firm Cambridge Analytica from infringing on the data of more than three million Australian users. Cambridge Analytica made headlines in the year 2018. He was then accused of stealing the data of more than eight crore Facebook users, including India and the US.

Due to this, Facebook was very upset. The Australian Information Commission office announced on Monday that a legal process had been initiated against Facebook. It is alleged that without the permission of its Australian users, Facebook exposed their personal information on an app called 'This is your digital life'.

The app was later sold to political consulting company Cambridge Analytica. This company had collected information from millions of Facebook users around the world. The Monitoring Commission of Australia launched an investigation against Cambridge Analytica two years ago. As a result, a legal process has now been initiated against Facebook. In its explanation, Facebook said, "We were actively involved in the investigation of Australia".

More than 100 countries sought help from South Korea to investigate Corona, know how good image is created all over the world "src ="

More than 100 countries sought help from South Korea to investigate Corona, know how to build a good image in the whole world

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Facebook, however, declined to say anything when the case was filed in court. Facebook records five times to settle data breach case in US

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The dollar (about 37 thousand crore rupees) had to be fined. Whereas in a similar case in Britain, he was fined six lakh fifty thousand (about 4.8 crores). It is not yet clear how many fines he may face in Australia.

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