Bald? Luis Miguel would wear a wig, reveals Manzanero's son

Apparently 2020 has marked a series of events where the secrets in the show have begun to see the light, they discover all the secrets to Luis Miguel, he is the son of the composer Armando Manzanero who shares details of his "Baldness?"

One of the most enigmatic artists in the world of entertainment is the singer Luis Miguel and from whom many of the secrets that have accompanied his so private life now seem to be uncovered.

It was recently, the son of the famous Yucatecan author, Armando Manzanero, who addressed one of the personal details about the singer Luis Miguel

Now, the own son of the interpreter of "This afternoon saw it rain", "I adore", "Nothing personal", among others, Juan Pablo Manzanero reveals some anecdotes of Luis Miguel little known until now.

It was through a recent interview where Juan Pablo Manzanero openly addressed shocking revelations about the call "Sun of Mexico".

Through the talk that the composer's son recently held, he explained the reasons why "Luismi" wore wigs, he said through a program.

The son of the renowned "bolero genius" also expressed the great admiration he feels for the now 50-year-old singer, Luis Miguel.

People who have worked since childhood ... and he is a man who has worked all his life and those people must be respected.

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He also explained that from a very young age he got to know him in the time that he and his father worked together.

We love Luis Miguel, I lived together at the time of Romances, I lived in Los Angeles at that time when my father came to record that great album with him.

It was on one of those occasions when the composer's son, Juan Pablo Manzanero, was close to the artist, it was the moment when he discovered that "Luismi" was wearing a wig.

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I remember that he was alone, surrounded by many people, mostly from work, I remember that more or less, we were both the same age, and I said ... Hey brother, don't despair with so many people, you don't want to go to the movies Let's go for a hamburger ... Then he says yes! But let me go get my wig.

He already put on a wig, and changed completely, the composer's son confided during the talk with "El Gossip".

It is worth mentioning that Manzanero, "El Maestro", collaborated and created several key themes in the success of the career of the so-called "Sol de México", who even made four of his most important albums, with most of the songs composed by him. Mexican lyricist.

The first album called "Romance", released in 1991, had a great impact and earned "Sol" being recognized as the first Latin American to obtain a gold record in the United States for his album in Spanish.

The second material, under the same name, was released in 1994, the third in 1997 and the fourth in 2001.

Topics such as "We are boyfriends", "I don't know about you", "Under the table", "I know you will come back", "I learned with you", "We needed time", "How I loved you", "I'm going to turn off la luz / With you I learned "among others, they became great successes.

Thanks to these songs that made up the four materials, they consolidated Luis Miguel's career in music and at the same time introduced him to a new genre that brought him closer to new generations: the bolero.

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However, the last moments that marked their relationship, this was accompanied by some controversies about the differences that arose between the two, an issue that has taken on strong relevance again after the departure of Manzanero that occurred a few days before the end of 2020.



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