Bárbara de Regil's blue swimsuit that made her figure look the most


Surely you will remember the live and the vir @ les videos of Bárbara de Regil, something for which she has become one of the most controversial celebrities and now liked by her loyal fans, who are aware of with photographs showing the result of your strenuous exercise routines.

On this occasion, the young woman decided to show us the great progress that this qu @ rentena has had, wearing a swimsuit and showing off her abdomen completely as well as the strong muscles that he has all over his figure.

The publication was made on his official account of Instagram, where we could see the beautiful image in which she is standing in the ocean, enjoying the waves and the sun wearing that blue two-piece swimsuit that made her fans very happy.

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Very little time Bárbara de Regil gathered more than 400 thousand likes so we can see that her followers are quite aware of her social network and they also dedicated some comments where they complimented her and commented on how beautiful she looks.

It should be remembered that Barbara has been traveling a bit in recent weeks, because after so much confinement she decided that it would be good to visit the beaches of Cancun to enjoy with her daughter, however, she had to be during the hurricane that was about to arrive. so she had to vacate her hotel and find where to stay to be safe.

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This situation generated a lot of emotions and feelings in him and he even took what he had most deeply stored, clarifying that the most important thing is mental and emotional health and not so much physical, although of course he will not stop caring and working on that part as much as possible .

It is also important to remember that the purpose of Bárbara de Regil doing exercise routines live on her Instagram is not only to show off, but she is looking to help people do something healthy during this time, as we know since the quarantine began objective acids take advantage of the time and seek to be as healthy as possible as well as that their fans are also.

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Surely you will also remember a time when Barbara made the odd funny comment like the time of the tacos and the v0dka causing a lot of laughter and comments about her on social networks, turning her into a character.

It has many people who use absolutely nothing of it, in fact, they comment on it without stopping in all that place where it is talked about, so we can realize that if its presence affects people enough, something that happens with many of the famous and It seems that it will not stop but that each time they get more upset because it is in the center of attention.

Encouraging people to feel better about themselves, trying to bring out all that strength that everyone carries inside, is the main message that Barbara had to give her fans today, before starting with the mentioned training, the which, had a total duration of 40 minutes.

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The video is accompanied by exercises of all kinds, such as cardiovascular, high intensity and strength, which enhance the marked muscles of the actress and her always faithful companion, her daughter Mar.

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