Batwoman arrives at The CW marking high audience data but no records


Banner of the first season of Batwoman (2019)

The CW has opted again for superheroines for the future of their series. Looking forward to your 2019/2020 season, He has given Batwoman his own series, whom we remember we saw in the last crossover of the Arrowverso ("Elseworlds", from 2018)

A series that has not been without comments among fans, with a promotion also somewhat controversial and which has also rained many sticks in the first passes of the pilot episode.

However, yesterday that pilot episode was finally released in The CW and, whether for one thing or the other, the series has set good audience data, although without breaking records. TV Line reports "Batwoman" came to the small screen with 1.8 million viewers and a demo of 0.5 points.

With these numbers, the premiere of "Batwoman" rose by 20 percent in audience regarding the premiere of "Supergirl" in the same time slot last fall, although keeping practically the demo data. It was also above the values ​​that marked this Sunday's episode of "Supergirl", which premiered its fifth season with 1.29 million viewers with a demo of 0.4.

Comparing with the rest of the Arrowverse, the episode of the new Gotham protector has been close to the values ​​it marked. "Arrow" in its fifth season (2016/17) and below the fourth season of this (2015/16), which had average values ​​of 2.76 million viewers and a rating of 1.01. Bruce Wayne's cousin series is also below the last season of "The Flash", the fourth season (2017/18), which had 2.84 million viewers and 1.06 rating as average values; and in values ​​close to those he had third season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” In the chain.

Therefore, the new series of The CW enters strongly on the grid, and although it is far from having the values ​​with which the rest of the series of the Arrowverso were released, it is also true that seven years have passed since "Arrow" Start your adventure in The CW.

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