Beautiful in boxers, Kylie Jenner shows off her prominent hips

The creativity of Kylie Jenner, the successful businesswoman in the world of makeup and skin care products, has no limits, and this is demonstrated with each publication she makes from her official profile on social networks, mainly in her favorite: Instagram, where it reigns.

Although, we are really used to seeing her in impressive Photo sessions one of the most elaborate, on a few occasions, she strips herself of her shocking ideas and gives us photographs of herself, from her day to day, showing her outfits with which she goes out to eat, to important meetings or simply to be at home for the day.

On this occasion, what happened is that, I put in his profile, a series of three photographs wearing only underwear, but what has most attracted the attention of the followers of Kylie, is that it is not the typical underwear or the finest lingerie with which she frequently poses, if not, a rather peculiar outfit, and in sight, very comfortable for her.

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That's right, for these images, Kylie put her comfort before everything else, and only bragged about wearing a pair of boxer-style briefs, in a very neutral brown tone and a white top, with which she modeled quite content.

And although it is a garment that is usually used by the male consumer, Kylie completely put aside the stereotypes and proudly posed with this peculiar garment, which, without a doubt, knows how to look very good, as is, everything she decides to wear to your entertainment pieces.

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And, is that, actually the comfortable interior set makes your curvilínea silueta stand out to the maximum, thanks to the chosen colors and the cut of the lower part, which has a spring, which provides comfort and support in the high waist, just at the navel, thus creating that your narrow waist looks much smaller, with this garment, and her prominent hips look even bigger, details that catch the attention of everyone who looks at the image.

The same happens with the small top, well, it is not at all a secret that the attributes of the younger sister of the Kardashians Jenner are enormous, and they are barely covered with this textile piece, but, what we have no doubt is that, it is an excellent choice of attire to be inside the house in a very comfortable way.

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Although, apparently, the stage of Kylie's burgundy hair has come to an end, because, in her latest publications we have seen her with her hair, extremely long and very dark, just as it appears in this trio of images where we can appreciate the beauty of Stormie's young mother.

Even the latter, her own followers are those who have commented that they love to see the model with this hair style, very long, natural and dark wavy, well, this color really makes her tanned skin turn a beautiful natural gold.

Another small detail is the splendid manicure that she uses, in a bright shade of red, attracting attention, since everything in the image is in neutral colors, and therefore her nails end up highlighting the most in the image.

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As is her custom, the style of nails she wears always quickly becomes a fashion trend, and both celebrities and internet users replicate them, all in order to resemble, even a bit, this beautiful millionaire.


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