Behind Every Star Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

It’s always thrilling to experience the anticipation of a new K-drama premiere. And one recently was released; you may want to give it a look.

Behind Every Star was just published on November 7, 2022, and it has received some excellent reviews. The series is attracting a lot of viewers.

‘Call My Agent!’, a French television program, serves as the official inspiration for the series.It promises to be a pretty nice and laid-back viewing with intermittent workplace romance. So in today’s piece, let’s examine every aspect of Behind Every Star.

When it was revealed that the Netflix series Call My Agent will be receiving an adaptation, there was reason for celebration since it did well and had an IMDB score of over 8.

The series was inspired by the television series Behind Every Star, which looks into Method Entertainment options one of the biggest talent agencies in Seoul.

The expenses that workers incur and how they influence the firm are examined in this series. Here is what we presently know about the upcoming second season of the recently released Netflix original series.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Release Date:

Fans have so far adored the show Behind Every Star. It is very impossible to predict whenever season two will be published since only 4 of the 12 episodes have been made available.

On November 7, 2022, the first season of Behind Each Star will be released. And there’s still more episodes that have not yet been released.

The second season’s premiere date has not yet been announced. The second season should be released some time in late 2023, however, assuming viewership and ratings hold steady until the conclusion of the program.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Trailer Release:

On November 6, 2022, the Behind Every Star trailer was published. On The Swoon’s official YouTube page, you can see the trailer.

The intriguing teaser follows recently recruited So Hyun-joo as she finds herself thrust into the fast-paced world of an infamous manager. The other characters are also hinted to in the teaser.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Cast:

Behind Every Star’s second season has not yet received a release date. Therefore, information about the release date, plot, or cast is not accessible.

However, the original actors might be anticipated to reprise their roles if the second season follows the same story as season one.

  • Lee Seo Jin as Ma Tae Oh
  • Kwak Sun Young asChun Je In
  • Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Joong Don
  • Joo Hyun Young as So Hyun Joo
  • Shim So Young as Jang Myung Ae
  • Kim Tae Oh as Choi Jin Hyuk
  • Kim Gook Hee as Yoo Eun Soo
  • Hwang Se On asKang Hee Sun

Behind Every Star Season 2 Storyline:

The very intriguing plot of Beyond Every Star has helped the program to earn a lot of popularity.

The program is an adaptation of the French television program “Call My Agent!” Method Entertainment is the central theme of the story. Numerous celebrity managers work for this prosperous entertainment business.

In addition, as the series’ name implies, the narrative centers on the managers’ life – the compromises they make on behalf of the celebrity.

The program examines the personal and professional lives of celebrity managers and portrays the relationships they have with famous people.

Their famous client is a significant aspect of their life, and all of the star’s problems eventually affect them as well.

Behind Every Star’s first season has not yet come to a conclusion. Only four episodes of the series have been published, and it only recently began showing.

On December 13, 2022, the twelfth and last episode is scheduled for release. So keep reading to see what happens at the conclusion of Behind Every Star.

Behind Every Star, the first season, is presently airing on TVN. Only four episodes have so far been made available.

But first, let’s take a look at Behind Every Star’s plot. ‘Call My Agent!’ is a French television show that served as the inspiration for the series.

Four star marketers at the entertainment organization Method Entertainment are the focus of the narrative.

The personalities, backgrounds, personal life, and professional qualities of these four managers vary. The General Manager of Method Entertainment is Tae-oh, or Matthew.

He has the most expertise working with celebs since he has worked in the entertainment business the longest.

Method Entertainment has been Chun Jae-in’s employer from the very start of her professional life. She began as a field agent and is now a team leader when it comes to working with celebrities.

Method Entertainment has been Chun Jae-in’s employer from the very start of her professional life.

She began as a field operative and has now advanced to team leader. Another squad captain with a kind and compassionate heart is Kim Jung-don.

And lastly, So Hyun-joo is a talented young manager who just entered the business with the hopes of making a name for himself in the glistening world of entertainment.

All four of them are followed throughout the series as they deal with various celebrities while going through difficult times in both their personal and professional life.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Rating:

Everyone uses their rating to assess a program. The easiest way to predict whether a program will continue airing is normally to look at its numbers.

The likelihood of survival increases with ranking. IMDb has given the drama a high score of 6.9/10, while My Drama List has given it an average audience rating of 7.7/10.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Review:

There are no surprises in this adaptation after viewing Call My Agent in its entirety, but it is still a reasonably good transfer to Asia.

Even though it’s uncommon to see a man in a campy role like the Korean Herve, the genre does blend in quite well with the Kdramedy aesthetic.

However, it’s important to observe that the lesbian character in this adaptation has been replaced with a man-whore.

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Behind Every Star Season 2?

According to reports, Behind Every Star’s first season would consist of a total of 12 episodes. If the Behind Every Star showrunner chooses to produce a new season, it may include 12 episodes or more, similar to the previous seasons’ 12 episodes. Therefore, the future season will likely include at least 12 episodes.

Where To Watch Behind Every Star Season 2?

The TVN tv network now broadcasts Behind Every Star once a week. With a membership, you may watch the show online at Netflix as well.

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