Beijing to examine FedEx for ‘hurting rights of Chinese consumers’

Chinese officials have registered a case to investigate U.S. parcel delivery service FedEx for purportedly threatening the rights of Chinese clients, state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

As per the report, FedEx couldn’t deliver express packages to assigned addresses in China, “dangerously undermining the lawful rights and concerns of its clients and breaking laws and regulations governing the express industry in China.“

When Chinese tech firm Huawei stated it was re-evaluating its association with the U.S. parcel delivery service after many packages were redirected, the government of China heeded on FedEx concerns.

The company accused FedEx of thwarting two packets postmarked from Japan and intended for firm addresses in China to the United States without presenting a thorough analysis, as per Reuters news agency.

Further, FedEx ostensibly strived to re-beat two different packets sent from Vietnam to Huawei locates elsewhere in Asia without consent.

Well, Huawei declared that all four packets had only documents and nothing of technology. However, FedEx stated it would participate completely with any administrative inquiry.

“FedEx appreciates our business in China. Our association with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and our connections with all of our consumers in China are essential to us,” the company said in a statement.

“FedEx endures itself to an extremely great standard of service. FedEx will fully collaborate with any governing inquiry into how we assist our consumers”.

Mr. Trump’s presidency blacklisted Huawei of acquiring U.S. elements after holding a national emergency over warnings to U.S. technology previous month.

The council has finally freed those boundaries, enabling Huawei to purchase U.S. parts for 90 days to sustain existing channels.

Moreover, Washington and Beijing are fastened in the intensifying trade war after the breakdown of trade negotiations.

The U.S. has more than doubled taxes on $200 billion of Chinese commodities and has loomed to tax all its imports. Further, China has inflated taxes on $60 billion of stock received from the U.S.

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