‘Best female director award? I refused’

Ai David by Donatello we will never see an award dedicated exclusively to female directors, at least not until the presidency is entrusted to Piera Detassis: this is clear from the interview given by the president of the Academy of David di Donatello to Variety, during which Detassis explained the reasons behind his refusal.

We are working to improve the juries, and it will also happen naturally with a rejuvenation of our members. L’Italy is far behind on this. Nothing bores Italians more than this theme. I realize this every time I talk about it. So I’m counting on the new generations. Someone had suggested introducing a prize for the best female director, I refused. However, I must say that there is great attention and sensitivity on this issue also on the part of male directors“explained Detassis, who recently took note of Gabriele Muccino’s farewell to the David di Donatello.

Furthermore, as the president is keen to remember, the changes recently made to the jury “resulted in two women nominated for Best Director, two for Best Film, two for Best First Feature and two for Best Documentary. For Italy it’s not bad“. Do you agree with Piera Detassis’ position? Tell us yours in the comments! A few days ago, meanwhile, Sandra Milo was excited after the David di Donatello for her career.

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