Best Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Packs To Purchase in 2021

Best Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Packs To Purchase in 2021

One of the best gaming consoles that every gamer dreams to have is the Xbox One. If you are a true gamer, you will surely love to have Xbox One at your home. You can play hundreds of amazing games on this gaming console, and that too with high-definition graphics and superior resolution.

Suppose you have the Xbox One and are playing regularly on the gaming console. Then you will surely know all the issues that will be able to interrupt your gameplay potentially.

There are so many things that can be a problem that will not let you play the game you like the most uninterruptedly. Sometimes it may frustrate the person who is so engaged and indulged in playing the game if it is interrupted by any possible thing.

Gaming on Xbox One is such an addictive thing, along with a fantastic experience. The rechargeable batteries for Xbox One will also save a lot of money on purchasing the new batteries every time the batteries are drained.

A recent study shows that an average gamer spends around 100$ on purchasing the new batteries while replacing the old ones every year. Therefore, if you are using the rechargeable Xbox One batteries, you will save a lot of money that you can keep for improvizing your gaming console and purchase new amazing games.

There are also some Xbox One rechargeable batteries available in the market, which you can charge while using them. So it is essential to purchasing rechargeable batteries if you want to have a fantastic gaming experience and that too uninterruptedly. The rechargeable batteries will help you play the game you like the most for long hours.

Now you must surely be wondering about purchasing the Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack. But the only thought of you not knowing which rechargeable battery pack you must buy is resisting you.

There are so many manufacturing companies that manufacture Xbox One battery packs. So it is somewhat confusing to select a single rechargeable battery pack from so many battery packs currently available in the market.

But you will not have to worry about it as we are here to help you with it. We did create a list of the best Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Packs that will ensure that you will never run out of batteries again.

You have to go through the list and select the rechargeable battery pack you think is best for you. Also, it will only take some minutes to go through the list to purchase rechargeable batteries.

Before we move to the list of the best Xbox One rechargeable battery packs, we need you to know one most important things. The thing is, several rechargeable battery packs are present on the list.

But you need to make sure that you must only purchase the rechargeable battery pack that is best suitable for you so that you will not feel any regression after buying the battery pack.

We also assure you that you will purchase any of the rechargeable battery packs present here. So then you will not feel any dissatisfaction feeling.

In case of any dissatisfaction with the rechargeable battery pack that you purchased, you can have the option to return the product to the manufacturer. Also, you will get all your money refunded back to your account within some days of replacing it. So let’s begin the list.

Best Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Packs

Here is the list of the best Xbox One rechargeable battery pack that will help you play the games for long hours and without interruptions.

When you are going through this list of reviews and find any of the rechargeable battery packs suitable for you, you can purchase it directly by clicking on the name of the rechargeable battery pack you like the most.

After clicking, you will be directed to the web page of that particular product, where you will find every little bit of information about the product. In addition, you will find the customer review section, detailed information, and purchasing options of the product that you want to buy.

The customer review section would be best, where customers share their experiences and views on the product they did pue. Scroll through this review section.

10. Xbox One Battery Pack Rechargeable, YCCTEAM Xbox One Controller Charger with 2pcs 1200 mAh Rechargeable Batteries for Offical Xbox One/S/X/Elite Controller, Upgrade Integrated Rechargeable Battery

Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack is what you will need to enjoy uninterrupted gaming. In addition, it is space-efficient, so you can be able to adjust it in minimal space.

The package includes the Xbox One controller charger with two rechargeable batteries of 1200 mAH. So the batteries will charge quickly but will be able to last longer than others.


This rechargeable battery pack is best suitable for every gamer and game console like Xbox One, Xbox S, and Xbox Elite.

Therefore if you want to use the rechargeable batteries pack instead of replacing the AA batteries every time the storm drains out. Then you must have to purchase it.


  • Quick charging
  • Suitable for all controllers


  • A little bit pricy


9. KINFAYV Xbox One Battery Pack 4 x 2580mAh Rechargeable Controller Battery and Charger Compatible with Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

This KINFAYV Xbox One Battery Pack includes four batteries of 2580 mAh capacity each. The battery’s ability to power up the controller is about 12-15 hours per single charge.

You can charge the batteries quickly with the dual-channel charger that can charge two batteries within 6-7 hours.


The built-in charging cable, USB port, and a Type C cable will help you charge more conveniently. The manufacturer also offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Good value for money


  • Batteries only last 12-15 hours


8. Nyko Charge Block Duo -2 Port Controller Charging Station with 2 Rechargeable Batteries, Covers and included Micro-USB/AC Power Cord for Xbox One

The unique design of this Nyko Charge Block Duo 2-Port Controller Charging Station is why most people purchase it.

You can easily use it with one hand, so it is comfortable for every gamer. The package includes excellent two charge blocks along with two 1200 mAH batteries.


You can be able to connect multiple charge blocks simultaneously and charge the batteries. However, you have to plug in the wall outlet or USB port when you want to set the batteries rapidly.

There is no need to worry about overcharging of batteries as LED lights will indicate when the batteries are entirely charged.


  • Affordable price
  • Includes two charging blocks


  • Led lights are dim


7. AmazonBasics Controller Battery Pack Charger For Xbox One S Console – White

The AmazonBasics Controller Battery Pack includes 2 LIMH 1200 mAH Batteries that can power for about 15 plus hours. It can be easily connected with the front corner of the Xbox One with a durable and long USB cable.

It is capable of charging 2 Xbox One controllers simultaneously and that too within a few hours.


You must turn off the charger as soon as the Led indicator shows the green light. So if you think that this rechargeable battery pack is best suitable for you, you must have to purchase it without any doubt.


  • Durable cables
  • Charge 2 controllers simultaneously


  • Design can be better


6. YCCSKY Controller Charger for Xbox One/One S/One X/ One Elite Controller Charging Station with 1200 mah Xbox Rechargeable Battery for Two Xbox Wireless Controllers-Black

Suppose you are thinking of purchasing a charger controller that can recharge the batteries of multiple controllers at the same time. Then you must undoubtedly choose this YCCSKY Controller Charger for Xbox One.

The 1200 mAH battery pack can be able to provide you running time of 25-28 hours.


It supports the fast charging of the controller, so you can play your favorite game on the Xbox One gaming console as soon as the batteries are entirely charged.

The built-in LED indicator light will show the charging status so that the batteries will not get overcharged. It is compatible with all Xbox One controllers.


  • 25-28 hours running time
  • Safe to use


  • Not so fast charging


5. Xbox One Controller Battery, High-Speed Charging Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

This Xbox One Controller Battery Pack consists of a 2500 mAH high-capacity battery. The batteries can recharge more than 2000 times, and the charging time is only 5 hours.

The fire-resistant property of the battery will be able to help prevent any accidental situations.


It is easily compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite. In addition, the in-built intelligent chip will be able to offer protection against overcharging, short circuits, over-voltage, over current, overheating, etc.

So it is safe and comfortable to use this rechargeable battery to play hassle-free gaming.


  • Great design
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Somewhat costly


4. PowerA Play & Charge Kit For Xbox One

Not only this PowerA Play and Charge Kit will be able to provide you accessibility to charging the batteries while you play, but also it provides long-lasting battery life.

The charging kit essentially meets all the standard requirements and therefore is licensed by Microsoft.


This Charging kit is suitable to use for all PowerA charging stands and stations. So you will not have to worry about anything if you are going to purchase this play and charge kit for Xbox One.

You will be able to play excellent games while charging and get a thrilling experience without any interruptions.


  • Supports charging while you play
  • Uninterrupted gaming


  • Charging may take some time


3. Smatree Rechargeable Battery Compatible for Xbox One /Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, 2 x 2000mAh Batteries with Charger

With the help of this Smatree Rechargeable Battery, you can play the games you like the most and that too without any interruptions.

The long-lasting batteries make sure that you will never run out of batteries. The dual-channel charger takes about 6-7 hours of charging time for a complete charge.



It will indicate a green light when the batteries are entirely charged. You can be able to use the controller for more than 25 hours per single charge. You can put the controllers for charging overnight so you can play the fantastic game the next day.


  • Quick charging
  • Compatible with most Xbox One consoles


  • May break if fallen


2. Fosmon Xbox One/One X/One S/One Elite Dual Controller Charger, [Dual Slot] High-Speed Docking Charging Station with 2 x 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs – Black

This Fosmon Xbox One Elite Dual Controller Charger will be able to help you with long-lasting battery life so that you will be able to play the exciting game on the Xbox One for several long hours.

You will not have to purchase the AA batteries again if you buy these fast charging rechargeable batteries.


It is best suitable for Xbox One, One X, One S, and One Elite Controllers. The battery will provide you with efficient power for up to 30-33 hours.

When you are not playing the game on your Xbox One, simply put the controllers on the deck, and it will charge entirely within a few hours.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 30-33 Hours battery-time


  • LED lights may malfunction


1. PDP Energizer Xbox One Controller Charger with Rechargeable Battery Pack for Two Wireless Controllers Charging Station Black (Package May Vary)

Suppose you want to purchase one of the best rechargeable battery packs for Xbox One currently available in the market. Then you must have to buy this PDP Energizer Xbox One Controller Charger with Rechargeable Battery Pack.

You can be able to charge 2 Xbox One wireless controllers simultaneously and that too quickly.


The package comes with an ac adapter and two rechargeable batteries that can last around 40 hours with a single charge. The charging dock indicates when the batteries are fully charged.

This rechargeable battery pack with the charger is suitable for standard as well as Xbox elite controllers.


  • Licensed by Microsoft and Energizer
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Expensive


Suppose you are a gamer who plays many unique and exciting games on the Xbox One. Then the last thing you want is any possible thing interrupting your gameplay.

There are so many things about which you can not do anything. However, some things are essential, and you can not do anything about them. Such as your mom calling you for lunch while you are on the verge of beating the main boss or the lights went off when you are just about to finish the long hour race.

But these possibilities are that you can not be able to do anything about it. Moreover, some other things may interrupt your gameplay and will not let you play further.

Such as the adopter heats up or the game remote stops working suddenly. But these are the things that you can be able to manage on your own.

Running out of batteries is one of the most common problems that every gamer faces. When you are playing for several hours, it may be possible that your gaming remote or console batteries will go down. Then you can not be able to play more fluently like you were before.

You might lose the game as well as the progress due to the charge of batteries is down. However, most gamers who play exciting games on Xbox One are not leaving the game within one or two hours.

You must know that most of the games are so addictive. That is the reason why most people tend to play games for a long. But, unfortunately, there are so many gamers who face the problem when their battery gets drained up.

One of the most important things that you will find for gaming is a spare battery. Therefore, the only thing you will have to keep in mind is looking for an extra battery. Indeed, you will need to have a spare rechargeable battery.

The game is so addictive that any person will play it for more than 3-4 hours. As a result, your batteries will go down within one or two days based on your gaming. Some Xbox One runs on AA batteries. So it would be best if you changed it regularly to play without any interruptions.

It is somewhat expensive to purchase and replace the new batteries with the old ones. You can sum up the total expenditure. There is a way that most gamers are following to never run out of batteries and play without any interruptions.

The best way or option to not have to purchase expensive non-rechargeable batteries is to use the rechargeable battery pack. There are so many benefits of using rechargeable batteries while playing on Xbox One for long hours.

You will have to charge it overnight while you are sleeping. However, it will provide you around 30 hours of battery charging per single charge to play the exciting game and that too without worrying about batteries running out of commission. This is the reason behind most gamers playing on Xbox One opt for Rechargeable batteries.

We hope that this article was helpful to you to purchase the best Xbox One rechargeable battery packs. Therefore, it will be possible for you to buy the best suitable product. However, as several products are mentioned here in this article, you must select the best suitable one. Also, make sure to comment down which one you are going to purchase from our list.

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