'Bhakal' standing in the line of 'Mirzapur' and 'Rangbaz', you can see these five reasons

Publish Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 10:39 AM (IST)

New Delhi Bhaukal On Mx Player: In the OTT era, we often monitor the series being made on the stream platform. One such web series 'Bhakal' is currently in discussion. This crime thriller web series is streamed on MX Player. This web series is based on the real life of IPS Navneet Sikera. There is a lot to see in this web series. You can see these five reasons…

1. The story of IPS Navneet Sikera- The story of IPS Navneet Sikera is so interesting, the reason why it can be seen. Navneet, working in Uttar Pradesh Police, has done more than 50 encounters so far. This series shows the story of his becoming an engineer to becoming a policeman.

2. Thriller- It is not as easy to put the real story on screen. Director Jatin Satish has taken full care to ensure that the thrill of the film remains intact. The full story is shown in 10 episodes of 25 minutes. In every episode, care is taken that viewers watch the next episode.

3. Acting- Mohit Raina, who played Shiva in the TV serial, is playing the character of Navneet Sikera in this series. He has acted very well. Apart from this, the character of 'Gulal' fame Abhimanyu Singh also seems quite right. The actors playing the minor roles have done the right thing.

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4. Realistic- The story may seem slightly up-and-down to you, but not the background. You never mind the series, that the story is being shot outside Muzaffarnagar. Language and color have been taken care of.

5. Short and crisp The series may have been shot on a true incident, but it remains based in Muzaffarnagar. Is a small web series. This way you can watch it binge. The film's dialogues with the crime, thriller are also very much liked by the audience. However, it has also been used in quite abusive language.

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