Billboard Names Cardi B 2020 Woman of the Year!

A magnificent surprise for the singer Cardi B, who recently according to the recognized Billboard music magazine the interpreter of "I like it" had been named as the woman of the year.

This award is not only because she is an excellent interpreter and having achieved a spectacular career in the music industry in a short time, but also because of the fact of having other activities as an enterprising woman and possessing a facility for words to be able to talk about certain issues that are currently considered taboo, coupled with this is also recognized the fact of his constant struggle for social justice.

There have been four pillars for which this recognition has been given to the singer Cardi B, The first one that for many is more than obvious has been her musical career, which began in 2015, only five years ago when she became one of the most recognized interpreters in the musical field, the lyrics of her songs as well as His personality has conquered millions, of which to be able to give an approximate figure we will share with you how many followers he has on Instagram: 78 million 300 thousand followers.

With only two albums Cardi B She is already considered a celebrity who easily conquers her audience, not only with the lyrics of her songs but also with her personality.

Another of the pillars that were taken into account to obtain said recognition was her facet as an entrepreneurial woman, as a businesswoman, she has the collaboration with the Fashion Nova brand and recently entered the world of OnlyFans where several celebrities are already part .

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It was through several publications on Instagram where he shared several photographs alluding to the cover and the report that they made in the music magazine Billboard, where he was named.

Cardi B considers herself a feminist, which is why in several lyrics of her songs she has attracted attention not only for the explicitness but also for the messages she has shared through her, one of the most talked about songs and that to date she continues to defend is female pleasure itself, of which no woman should be ashamed.

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She commented in an interview that female power was more than just a vote or sharing our opinion, if not that we could also do positive things and at the same time enjoy them, it is part of the new era in which women have been taking little to little more popularity in not only political but social issues, feminism has been advancing every time thanks in large part to personalities such as Cardi B and even Emma Watson who push women to follow their ideals.

Another important point that Billboard considered to recognize Cardi B was her constant fight against social injustice, you may remember the "uprising" of Black lives matters where millions of people began to advocate for the lives of people of color, this movement was also supported by great celebrities including Carbi B, Terri Crews, Alicia Keys, Emma Watson among many other celebrities who supported this movement and continue to do so.

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Cardi B was advocating for the hiring of good-hearted police officers, as you will recall, this movement occurred as a result of two police elements taking the life of a US citizen George Floyd, despite the fact that only one had physical contact with Floyd, his partner He didn't do anything about it, in fact he didn't let anyone get near them.

To date, the beautiful rapper has become a true activist, however Cardi B does not feel completely comfortable with this denomination towards her person.

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