Billie Eilish creates debate among her fans about the color of her tennis shoes


Singer Billie Eilish He has just unleashed a controversy on social networks for the color of one of his tennis shoes as well as the optical illusion of the dress and divided Internet users, each one thinking about the color of the footwear.

This past weekend, the official Instagram account of Billie Elish became the place of a debate among his followers as a result of one of his tennis shoes.

Perhaps you will remember the famous debate that lasted several months on social networks about the color of a dress that was a global trend five years ago, because Billie Eilish He has put another controversy: the color of his tennis shoes, are they white with pink or mint color?

It all started when the singer showed her new Nike Air tennis shoes in a story on her official Instagram account.

In the video, you hear Billie revealing that, for his dad, his sneakers are pink with white but it looks like they are actually mint with white.

That is how his millions of followers pointed out that they also see them in pink with white and Eilish commented something about it.

No you guys saying you are pink and white too, "Eilish wrote.

After the controversy that started because of the color of his tennis shoes, Billie Eilish He began to get distressed and explained with tests that his sneakers have a slight mint tone and not white, he even compared his sneakers with others that have white so that the difference could be seen.

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This is how Billie Eilish began to lose patience to try to convince her followers that her tennis shoes are green and not white, so her followers also went to the Twitter social network to try to calm her down and tell her that her tennis shoes are not white. although others insisted that they are white with pink.

Billie He decided to take the tennis shoes to his patio and with the sunlight to show that they are not pink, even, as we mentioned above, he compared the sole of other footwear to prove that there is no such color and everything is an illusion.

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That shoe that Billie Eilish keeps walking keeps changing color "," NO. I saw the Billie Eilish story before and the SHOE WAS CLEARLY PINK, but now? I see it green ”, were some of the comments.

Something quite funny was that her mother even told her that there were more important things to worry about, but Billie joked and said that she cared about the true color of the tennis shoes and not the optical illusion it caused in other people.

On the other hand, the “Bad Guy” interpreter has been preparing all the details for her online concert and the launch of her documentary a few days ago.

Another thing that has caught the attention of her followers is that the young artist announced a few days ago through her social networks that she will premiere music next month.

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It is worth mentioning that the singer has not given further explanations in this regard or has entered to assess the statements that her own brother and co-producer Finneas O'Connell offered a few weeks ago about the need to take some time before releasing new material.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell acquired fame as a singer when she was only 13 years old, following the single "Ocean Eyes" which was published in 2015 on SoundCloud and re-launched with a music video on YouTube in 2016 when she had with 14 years of age, which made her a viral phenomenon.

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