Billie Eilish reveals in interview that she got a tattoo

On November 30, an interview that Billie Eilish had with Vanity Fair was shared on YouTube, in which she revealed some details of her current life, including that she got a tattoo.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of "Bad guy" is interviewed by the renowned magazine, they already add with this four interviews, to make it a little more interesting while they interviewed her they showed her some answers to questions that had been asked from the 2017 always coinciding with the date on October 18.

Billie Eilish He was a bit surprised to see his past interviews, today he is 18 years old and has become quite a celebrity, not only in his native United States but also in other parts of the world.

Despite the fact that this year's plans Billie Eilish They totally changed, she did not miss any opportunity to continue being creative, she herself admitted that she developed even more songs, and has even been working alongside her brother to create a new album, she also mentions that she already has 16 songs with which she is working and with which she feels totally in love.

When she saw some of the answers she gave in past interviews, she felt a little sad, however there were fillies that moved her a lot because I continued in the same vein as long ago.

Vanity Fair has encapsulated Billie Eilish's answers to the same questions for the past four years and has followed the 18-year-old star's rapid rise to pop stardom. From winning five Grammy Awards to adopting her new dog, Shark, see how much Billie's life has changed in 2020, "part of the video description.

If you want to see the entertaining video of the interview shared by the Feria de la Vanidad channel, on November 30 we will show it to you right away:

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Something they asked Billie Eilish that she had today and no last year, it was her new pet, she says it is her son, his name is "Shark", she also added that she had made a tattoo but it was likely that no one would ever see it, knowing her by the fact that she did not showing your skin is sure to be the case, however his followers were on the lookout for more information about it.

One of the comments that she mentioned last year in the interview with Vanity Fair is that she wanted to have free time for herself, she mentioned that it would be good for at least 100 days, upon hearing her words she began to laugh, the only thing she could comment was " Are you already happy, did you want that? "

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Even though COVID-19 took away a lot of good things from her career, she took advantage of this time to relax, create more music and focus on it.

2017: did not expect his fame, naive 2018: did not know how to deal with fame, confused 2019: accepted his position and power, wise 2020: grateful for the process, genuine, "shared Ace Kim a netizen.

Billie EIlish said that she quite missed being able to give shows, she affirms that it is something she is really good at and maybe moving away a little during these months maybe it affected her confidence a bit, she says she could continue doing it until she is ninety years old ( He mentioned it at the beginning of the interview).

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The process of his fame has brought him quite a few good things, and perhaps very few bad things with which to Billie Eilish, has managed to cope, above all due to the fact that only at 18 years of age she is much more mature than other adults who are twice her age.

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