Addis Ababa, Agency. A dangerous mysterious disease has taken birth in the African country of Ethiopia. People are bleeding from the nose and mouth of the disease and later they are dying. Locals are blaming Toxic Waste for the unknown disease emanating from Chinese oil drilling. The disease, which allegedly spread to villages near a gas project in Somali, reported that the first victims had yellowing eyes and swelling of the entire body before fever and then eventually death. .

Apart from this, other symptoms of this unknown disease include pale palms, loss of appetite and inability to sleep. DailyMail quoted Guardian's report as saying that officials sitting in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, have denied all allegations of a health and environmental crisis in the area.

After Italy, now the outbreak of Corona virus in Britain, the figure of increasing deaths "src ="

After Italy, now the corona virus outbreak in Britain, the number of deaths is increasing

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However, nothing has been clarified as to what kind of disease it is and what is causing it, but it is killing people. At the same time, many people suspect that all this is due to chemical waste, which has poisoned the area's water supply.

A victim Khadi Abdi Abdullahi said that the toxins responsible for this epidemic are the toxins (Toxins) being spread from the gas field. Abdullahi, a resident of Jigjiga, who was 23 years old, was discharged from the hospital saying that he had no cure for the disease, he could do nothing. Where the person later died.

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An advisor to the Somali regional government claimed that it was one of the new diseases never seen before in the region. Along with this he stated clearly that it is very clear that POLY-GCL uses chemicals that are harmful to human health. Let us know that China's POLY-GCL Petroleum Investments last year only confirmed plans to build a 767-km route to lay a Djibouti natural gas pipeline to transport Ethiopian gas to an export terminal in the Red Sea state.

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