Black Lightning Season 4 Episode 3: The Book of Reconstruction Chapter 3: Despite All My Rage

Lynn tells the therapist about her family, of which generations have served in the military. She was smarter than her parents and brother which meant she didn’t enlist, but that made her an outcast. Now in the present, she is the only person in her family who isn’t a meta, and she’s experiencing the same feelings of Otherness. We know why she’s experimenting on herself — to protect her family and to fit in— and we know why she might consider Tobias’ offer to fund her genetics research while she works on a cure for ALS. He wants her because of her intelligence, her “superpower” he calls it. We don’t know what Tobias is doing or what he’s actually after, but we know it’s nefarious, and so does Lynn. She knows she can’t trust him, but she has worked with people she doesn’t trust before, and doing so has allowed her to be a hero even at great personal cost. I enjoy that Lynn is an imperfect person who tries to do good and make the world better, but who doesn’t get bogged down by arbitrary definitions of what is right and good. I’d love to see Lynn come into her own power, independent of borrowed meta abilities or Tobias’ illicit wealth, but mostly I hope to see her become the best version of herself–whatever that means for her.

Anissa is already a fully realized hero, as herself, as Blackbird, and as Thunder. She’s not just a vigilante, who uses her powers to stop drug deals, or an organizer, who makes treaties with gangs to create safe spaces in Freeland, she’s also a Doctor. Anissa has been the most consistent with her goals and her relationship with her meta abilities, and it is comforting to see her so established in the roles she’s taken on in the city. I want her to stay the path, and to be happy. And now that Grace is awake, and the pair are officially married, I hope to see more of them as a couple, and as a team.

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Jenn, like Lynn, has completely reversed her position on meta powers and vigilantism. When Jennifer discovered her abilities, she wanted nothing to do with them, and nothing to do with being a hero. But now, Jenn is Lightning through and through, and her power is not just a part of her but maybe the most important element of personal identity. When Rebecca Larsen (Amanda Baker)– this universe’s Tomi Lahren– uses doctored video of a Lightning altercation with the 100 to spread “fake news” about her lethality, Jenn takes pains to find and release the original video. She wants to use social media to control her own narrative, but social media makes heroes and martyrs everyday, and it is a huge part of the culture. It’ll be interesting to see Jenn navigate this new, and volatile element, while grasping with her evolving powers.

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