Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson protagonista del video per il National Superhero Day

April 28 is the National Superhero Day, and on a day like this one could certainly not miss a message from Marvel Studios, those who have given the world’s most successful superhero cinematic universe. Here then is the ambassador chosen for the occasion: Black Widow

I Marvel Studios celebrate National Superhero Day with a promo entirely dedicated to one of its flagship heroines, as well as an original MCU Avenger, Black Widow.

How much do you really know about the elusive Natasha Romanoff?“he asks Scarlett Johansson in the video that you can also find at the head of the news.

When it came time to reunite the Avengers, who is it that called SHIELD? ex-KGB assassin, SHIELD agent and Avenger, fought in the Battle of New York, collided with the Winter Soldier, defended the world against Ultron, signed the Sokovia Accords, dealt with the consequences of the initiative, and repelled Thanos’ forces“continues the actress, while in the background, one after another, the various events to which the interpreter of Natasha Romanoff refers.

When all seemed lost she kept the team together, but how well do you really know her? It is time to discover its history. You have been waiting for it“concludes finally, reminding the fans Marvel that the Black Widow film will arrive in theaters in July and also on Disney +, where it will be available for viewing via ViP Access.

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