Black Widow set to release DVD Version

Black Widow set to release DVD Version

Black Widow is the American Superhero Film. It is based on the Marvel Comic Book. Black Widow is a 24th Marvel movie that releases under the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here we are gathering to know about the DVD Release of Black Widow, Cast and Production Details of Black Widow. And will tell you the date that when Black Widow DVD will release.

Black Widow
Black Widow

The Director of Black Widow is Cate Shortland and the Writer of Black Widow is Eric Pearson. It’s a 16-year-old project and at that time David Hayter has a hand on directing and writing but it did not work well at that time. Black Widow will be the biggest release of the Year for MCU.

Trailer Details of Black Widow

You can watch Black Widow Trailer. On YouTube, it has 14 million views, and still, it is counting. Fans are eagerly waiting to book the tickets of Black Widow. As per the storyline, we can say that Black Widow is the prequel of the MCU’s release. Timeline of Black Widow movie will start at Captain America: Civil War. Tony Stark gives Natasha to information about how to run. The story surge around Natasha, and His childhood time, you can see in the movie that she can manage herself to become a Black Widow.

From Trailer, we can see new faces in MCU Black Widow. In Trailer, Alexei, Yelena, and Melina’s appearance give a sign that they will be joining the forces to defeat the new Villain of MCU sector Taskmaster. Here, the audience can connect with the origin of the Black Widow, and how she manages to meet her family in Russia.

Official Teaser of Black Widow was released on December 3, 2019. The Official Trailer of Black Widow was released on March 9, 2020.

The cast of Black Widow Scarlet Johansson will play the role of Black Widow and Natasha. Along with Natasha, here the list of Widow Gang, Yolanda Lynes as Red Room Widow, Jade Ma as Red Room Widow, Michelle Lee as Red Room Widow, Shaina West as Red Room Widow. The main thing and heartbreaking news for the fans are Robert Downey Junior is still not confirmed as Tony Stark.

DVD Release Date of Black Widow 

The theatre release of Black Widow will happen on November 6, 2020. Black Widow Digital and DVD release will happen around February 2021. Originally, Movie was released on 1 May 2020. But due to the corona Virus Epidemic, MCU has to reshuffle the calendar and they delay Black Widow for 6 months.

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