Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, the couple’s selfies at the Yankees game!

Blake Lively e Ryan Reynolds they are not a very social couple when it comes to social events. However, the two stars made an exception last night by going to a Yankees game in New York. Lively and Reynolds shared many photos of the evening on their stories and in Instagram posts.

Blake Lively posted a photo with the outfit for the evening and the inscription:“Mom & Dad Girl Summer”, in reference to the three daughters (James, Inez and Betty).
“Thank you @clintfrazierr for being my professional stylist. This hat is a big improvement over the crap I had presented myself with. After 14 years in New York I think it made me an official Yankee tonight” wrote the actress.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds often enjoy teasing each other on social media, where Reynolds is a real showman.
The Deadpool star shared a tender image with his wife:“Blake took me to my first home derby at @yankees stadium tonight. They won 10 for nothing. I’m not saying I’m lucky. I’m just saying @clintfrazierr wants me to play left for the rest of my life.”.
In Instagram Stories Blake Lively has also released her New York inspired manicure. A moment of happiness for the couple after the quarantine that characterized the whole world between 2020 and 2021.

Last October Blake Lively’s birthday cake trolled her husband Ryan Reynolds, confirming to the public the feeling of being in front of one of the most playful and fun couples in Hollywood.

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