Blood & Treasure season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Blood & Treasure is an exciting TV show that has been catching people’s attention since it started in 2019. The show’s unique mix of action, expedition, and mystery has made people happy. Fans are now curious about what will happen in the 3rd season of the show.

This article will talk about what might happen with Carnival Row season 3, such as if it will be renewed, when it might come out, who will be in it, how well it did, how many episodes there will be, where you can watch it, and a trailer. So, read on to find out if Blood & Treasure Season 3 will continue or not.

Blood & Treasure season 3 Release Date:

The adventure drama Blood and Treasure will not have a third season. The show has been officially cancelled, so there won’t be a third season any time soon.

There is a chance that the series will be started over at some future date, but that is not going to happen right now. But if the people who made it decide to make a spin-off in the next few years, it might come out in 2023 or 2024.

Blood & Treasure season 3 Trailer Release:

On YouTube, you can find the trailers for the first and second seasons of Blood and Treasure. However the third season of Blood and Treasure has been cancelled, the trailer for it will be around for a while.

Blood & Treasure season 3 Cast:

In Season 3 of Blood and Treasure, Alicia Coppola plays Dr. Anna Castillo, Sofia Pernas plays Lexi Waziri, Katia Winter plays Gwen Karlsson, Mark Gagliardi plays Father Chuck, and James Callis gives life to Simon Hardwick.

Danny McNamara is played by Matt Barr (Walker), Aiden Shaw is played by Michael James Shaw, and Oded Fehr does a great job as Karim Farouk. John Larroquette plays Jay Reece, and Paget Brewster from BirdGirl plays Sister Lisa. Ali Hassan plays Taj Bin Yusef, and Antonio Cupo plays Captain Bruno Fabi and Tony Nash is Omar. Last but not least, Anna Silk’s Roarke brings this great set to a close.

Blood & Treasure season 3 has been officially cancelled, so we don’t have any information about the cast. But we can look at the main cast of the show so far. The people in Blood & Treasure are:

  • Matt Barr portrays Danny McNamara.
  • Sofia Pernas represents Lexi Vaziri.
  • Simon Hardwick is played by James Callis.
  • Gwen Karlsson is played by Katia Winter.
  • Aiden Shaw was played by Michael James Shaw.
  • Oded Fehr presents Karim Farouk.
  • Alicia Coppola plays Dr Ana Castillo.
  • Father Chuck is a show by Mark Gagliardi.
  • Michelle Lee as Violet.
  • Kate Reece is played by Victoria Diamond.
  • Byron Mann is Vince Tran’s lawyer.

Blood & Treasure season 3 Storyline:

Blood & Treasure season 2 follows the story from season 1. Danny and Lexi keep going on their journey to find The Soul of Genghis Khah after some attackers in masks leave a mark that points to a quest.

Reece is dead, and they have to look for Kate. Aiden Shaw meets up with Lexi and Danny in Vietnam, and the three of them join the Black Lotus. As they look for the Spirit Banner, Simon doesn’t know that the other three are following him. Danny starts to worry about how Violet is using Lexi.

Violet, Lexi, and Danny, on the other hand, go to a disused bioweapons facility after a dangerous trip across a chemical wasteland in Kazakhstan.

Patrick joins the team after Danny’s father, and he leads them to a secret facility in Laos. Khan’s army is getting closer, and the team is running out of time.

As Kate looks into Violet, she finds out some terrible things, and Lexi is taken. Simon is now the second-in-command in the army of the Khan.

The team did find the Spirit Staff, and they also found out where Lexi was. In the meantime, Chuck uncovers out about the traitor in the Vatican and follows him to Hong Kong. Danny and Lexi understand the Khan’s plans and must do everything they can to stop them as the big picture comes into focus.

Danny works on their mission while posing as an arms dealer, and Lexi goes to Father Chuck to ask for help deciphering encoded data.

Danny and Lexi get to a palace where they think the Germans might have hidden Cleopatra’s tomb after making a big discovery in their investigation. In the meantime, Fabi saves Hardwick, who then tells Fabi about the people who attacked Cleopatra.

Lexi tells Danny that an Egyptian official might have the answers they need about why they think Farouk stole from the pyramids.

They hurry to the highlands of Spain to look for a train car that they think was carrying Cleopatra’s tomb before it mysteriously vanished. Once those who end up in Casablanca, they run into problems they didn’t expect. Both the authorities and their enemies are always watching them.

The FBI agrees to let Danny and his father both look for Cleopatra if Danny can get his father to say where stolen art from 20 years ago was hidden.

Danny’s father is one of the people who is accused of stealing the art. In the end, their research led them to MontrĂ©al, which implies that the people who did what happened in Cleopatra may still be alive and trying to avoid being caught.

Gwen is tired of what Danny and Lexi have been doing, so she arrests Father Chuck, who was helping them with their mission.

After Danny and Lexi go to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in search of a smuggler’s missing jet, Gwen joins their mission by doing her own investigation.

But when they get to their destination, they find themselves in a situation they could never have imagined: Farouk’s Master Plan is in full swing, all their secrets are out in the open, and their futures are already set.


Both viewers and critics have given Blood & Treasure average scores. The audience had mixed feelings about the show. IMDb gives Blood & Treasure a score of 6.7 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 54%.


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How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 3 of Blood & Treasure?

At this time, we don’t know how many episodes will be in Blood & Treasure’s third season. The show has been cancelled by CBS and Paramount, and it is not recognized if a new season would ever air.

Still, audiences of the action drama might still hope for a comeback someday. There have been 25 episodes of the show over its initial two seasons.

Even though it’s sad that Blood & Treasure was cancelled, viewers can still enjoy the episodes they’ve already seen and hold on to the memories and exciting moments the show gave them.

Where Can You See Blood and Treasure?

The first season of Blood & Treasure was on CBS, and the second season was on Paramount+. The second season is available on Paramount+ & Voot. On Voot, you can watch all of the Blood & Treasure episodes.

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