Boeing Cautions About Likely Wing Risk In Certain 737 Aircrafts

The Federal Aviation Administration has built alert over potential obstacles in some Boeing 737 commercial aircraft.

Boeing itself has come out to caution some of the airlines flying the 737 models to locate a substitute of particular components in the plane’s wings, predicting the likely to develop a defect.

It is expected that this notice will influence hundreds of Boeing 737 aircraft, including the Max version that has been grounded.

Boeing has also been contacting airlines that are affected while the FAA is also doing its part by issuing an order to affected airlines to inspect their aircraft and make necessary replacements.

According to the FAA, no airline has reported a case of failed parts. The agency also believes that an aircraft won’t be lost even if the wing fails. However, if an aircraft suddenly develops a fault in one of its wings in flight, it can damage the plane.

Both the agency and Boeing believe that the problem may be caused by a mistake on the part of the manufacturers of the potentially faulty part, a problem that may cause premature cracks to develop in the wings.

Well, the present issue is not correlated to the Boeing 737’s flight control system hassle in the Max models that has killed over 300 people this year that led to a grounding order on the Max planes around the globe.

Nevertheless, the stakeholders in the aviation industry are not taking the warning lightly. This a preventive measure against unfortunate incidents that having faulty wing midair can cause.


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