Boys Planet season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the most eagerly awaited reality series of the year is the second season of Boys Planet. The second season, which follows the first’s popularity, is anticipated to rock the K-pop community.

The program claims to be more comprehensive and effective than before, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cutthroat K-pop industry.

Many viewers still find enjoyment in the program, and they are eagerly anticipating the start of the next season. Now that Boys Planet Season 2 is quickly approaching, I hope that you who read this page are also interested in learning whenever the next Boys Planet season will air.

So don’t worry; we are ready to provide you with all of the Boys Planet information. Please read this post for more details if you want it in depth.Also, if this information was helpful to you, kindly share your thoughts. Your comments are extremely valuable to us.

Boys Planet season 2 Release Date:

Fans of K-pop and reality TV can look forward to “Boys Planet” season 2. The first season of Mnet’s variety show featuring audition-style performances premiered in February 2023, and it immediately became popular with people all around the globe. 98 outstanding male trainees compete for a spot in a K-Pop boy band on the program.

The inaugural season included 12 episodes, and the season finale in May announced the winner.

The second season’s release date is something that fans are keen to learn. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet received a formal announcement on the release date.

It won’t be long until Mnet announces the start date for the upcoming second season of Boys Planet, given the popularity of the first. Fans may wait and enjoy the anticipation till the official announcement.

Boys Planet season 2 Trailer Release:

The Boys Planet season one trailer is available on YouTube. An intriguing sneak glimpse into the series is offered by the trailer. However, a trailer is also absent since season two hasn’t been revealed.

Boys Planet season 2 Cast:

Boys Planet’s first season has nighty-eight contestants from all throughout South Korea along with other nations as well.

The program also includes special guests including “Star Masters” who are well-known rappers, singers, and actors.

They provide the candidates suggestions on how to enhance their performances as well as tidbits of self-improvement advice.

Boys Planet season 2’s cast has not yet been revealed, hence there is no information available.

Boys Planet season 2 Storyline:

A current reality television program in Korea is called Boys Planet. The ninety-eight competitors in the show perform songs, dance routines, and raps as part of a reality television competition.

They are vying to be the first male group, which is the ultimate reward. In order to establish themselves in the K-Pop business, contestants from all around South Korea as well as other nations even take part in this world television series.

Star Master Hwang Min-hyun introduced the 98 participants for Boys Planet Season 1 before giving them the Star Level Test.

Before the mentors reevaluate the contestants’ abilities, each contender must rate them out of four stars.

The winning team with the greatest number of stars gets to hear the song “Here I Am,” the show’s theme, before the other teams.

With 119 stars, the K-Group wins the Star Level Test. After settling into a dorm, the winning team is treated to a performance of the show’s theme song.

The Signal Song Test follows that. The theme song must be performed by the participants, after which their star ratings will be revised.

The competitors then elect one leader to speak for the team. The K-Group is led by Sung Han-bin, while the G-Group is led by Zhang Hao.

The next test is announced as the competitors prepare for the K vs. G Group Battle. Seven mission songs will be performed by each group, and a live audience will be able to choose their favorite.

After the fight, each victorious team will get 100,000 points, and each winning individual will receive 10,000 points.

The first rank announcement occurs after the conclusion of the tasks. Kim Ji-wrong, Sung Han-bin, and Seok Matthew take the first three positions.

Season one of Boys Planet has only just begun; hence, it has not yet concluded. The season finale will air on April 12, 2023, which is a long time from now.

Let’s examine the final one episode that was made available this week, however. Star Master Minhyuk went through the guidelines for the second assignment with the trainees as they assembled in the auditorium.

Each competitor in the Dual Position Battle must choose one song from each of the “Vocal & Rap,” “Vocal & Dance,” and “Rap & Dance” categories.

A team’s lower-ranked members may be replaced with higher-ranked trainees. The competitors must inject a little ingenuity into their performances if they want to take home the grand prize.

The winning team will get 100,000 points for each performance, and the top performer will receive 150,000 points at the conclusion of the challenge.

Additionally, the top three teams will get a banner on the Mnet Plus app and a special stage on M Countdown. After the shows, viewers may use the Mnet app to vote for their favorites.

Boys Planet season 2 Rating:

Even though Boys Planet has only had a few episodes broadcast thus far, the show already has a large fan base.On MyDramaList, the show has a 8 out of 10 rating.

Boys Planet season 2 Review:

The show has been running quite nicely. It’s nice that there hasn’t been any editing and that each of the bolt groups has had an equal amount of screen time. I really like the fresh star system, where you evaluate yourself and then get a new rating.

However, taking the exam is still exciting and nerve-racking even when we already know centers and final marks for the “Here I Am” assignment.

The way the program is going, I’m eager to hear how far it develops. I wish all the trainees happiness and success in achieving their objectives.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Boys Planet Season 2?

According to information currently available, no official statement has been made on the amount of episodes that will be included in the next season of Boys Planet.

There ought to be 12 episodes based on the last season. Beginning on February 2, 2023, the show is slated to run every Thursday at 8:50 p.m. (KST).

Throughout the season, the program will showcase budding male K-pop stars from across the globe showcasing their skills and talents. There will be more updates and fresh developments as the series goes on.

Where To Watch Boys Planet season 2?

There are several a few places where fans of Boys Planet may view the show. Fans from Korea and beyond may watch the program on Naver TV and Mnet K-pop’s YouTube feeds. Viki Rokuten also offers the program. On this OTT website, you may watch the reality TV shows for free online.

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