Brazil reported 807 new deaths from coronavirus and the total amounts to 23,473

Gravediggers in protective suits prepare the burial of a person killed by coronavirus in the São Paulo cemetery. May 22, 2020. REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli
Gravediggers in protective suits prepare the burial of a person killed by coronavirus in the São Paulo cemetery. May 22, 2020. REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli

Brazilian health authorities 807 new deaths were reported this Monday as a result of Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 23,473.

The number of new positive cases, meanwhile, was 11,687, which brought the number closer to 375,000. For days now, since Brazil ranks second in the gloomy list of confirmed coronavirus cases globally only after the United States, which already registers more than 1.66 million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The same is the case for the daily death rate. And considering that the curve in the South American country is in clear ascent, while that of the United States has been trending for weeks at a slow speed, it is possible that Brazil will officially become the new epicenter of the pandemic in the near future.

Within the country, the state with the highest number of positive cases and deaths continues to be San Pablo, which registers 83,625 and 6,220, respectively. Rio de Janeiro follows with more than 4,000 deaths, almost 40,000 transmissions confirmed and a collapsed healthcare system.

It is followed by the state of Ceará, in the impoverished northeast of the country, with 36,185 infections and 2,493 deaths, alarming numbers for its population, estimated at some nine million people.

Amazonas, another of the regions most hit by the pandemic in Brazil, records 30,282 cases and 1,781 deaths. There, the first state in the country to collapse due to the coronavirus, the numbers begin to drop in the urban region, but those of indigenous populations raise alarms.

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Representatives of neighboring countries have also been concerned. Among them, Uruguay stands out, a country with which Brazil shares the border city of Rivera. In fact, the president Luis Lacalle Pou confirmed that he spoke with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro, to apply an "already existing bi-national health action treaty" in the city, where two people died from Covid-19 over the weekend.

The President of Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE / Federico Anfitti / Archive

The President of Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE / Federico Anfitti / Archive

"We have collected the approval of the Brazilian president to apply that treaty and in the next few hours we will put it into practice," he said, to limit that there is "reciprocal concern about what is happening at the border"

Lacalle Pou also reported that the Interior and Defense ministries will add two "migratory, health pickets" to the two already existing at border points to minimize traffic to and from the capital of the homonymous department -with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants-.

It also suspended the start of classes in the city scheduled for June 1 and 15, unlike the rest of the country, and ordered an increase in health resources, such as ambulances and intensive care beds. In addition, Lacalle Pou announced inspections in local shops, although for now they will not be closed..

The city of Rivera registered until Sunday 12 positive cases of coronavirus, of which "five belong to the same contact", so there is an outbreak, explained the undersecretary of Health José, Luis Sadjian, to local channel 10 this weekend .

Uruguay has the coronavirus epidemic under "relative control," according to experts who advise the government. Registers 769 cases, 22 deaths and just 129 people with ongoing disease.

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But the border is the Achilles' heel, since the passage in the border cities with Brazil remains open for residents of both countries due to the "binational" character of those localities.

Lacalle Pou's approach contrasts with that of Bolsonaro, who has minimized the severity of the pandemic despite the exponential growth of the figures in the country.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: REUTERS / Adriano Machado
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: REUTERS / Adriano Machado

A study cited by the newspaper O Day He estimates that there will be one million infected and 80,000 dead in the country as of June 21. "On the contrary, there is no concrete action by the federal government against this"The publication expressed in a tough cover against the president.

This position was illustrated again on Sunday, when Bolsonaro took to the streets to participate in a rally with his followers, without wearing a mask and breaking social distancing measures. The president arrived at the rally outside the presidential palace in Brasilia with a white face mask, but very soon he took it off to greet the crowd, shake hands, and hug his followers. At one point he even carried a small boy on his shoulders.

Although Bolsonaro has a solid base that supports him - about 30% of voters, according to polls - he faces a large number of critics for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, and for an explosive investigation that seeks to clarify whether it obstructed justice by trying to protect his family from police inquiries.

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