Brian Jones opened the famous club of 27

Multi-instrumentalist musician Brian Jones, who is the founding member of the Rolling Stones and charismatic leader, is also recognized for being the manager of inaugurate the famous club of 27.

It was in the early morning hours of July 3, 1969 that Brian appeared drowned in the pool at his home in Sussex.

At just 27 years old, the musician was the first to join to the list of artists who failed to exceed that age.

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Unfortunately the cause of his mu3rt3 so far is a mystery, as indicated that it was accidental.

Furthermore, just a few weeks before his departure, he had been expelled of the band due to musical differences, but it was the same former bandmates who questioned the reasons for the failure.

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His death was always suspicious. Everyone knew that he was a good swimmer and it was absurd that he could drown in a pool, unless someone had caused it, "said Keith Richards.

That is why the police reopened the investigation. six weeks after the coroner delivered a preliminary report of accidental mu3rt3 due to a combination of alc0h0l and prohibited substances.

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His death remains an absolute mystery. It could have been accidental, he could have drowned because of his asthma problem, or he could have been killed by Frank Thorogood, a worker who was working at the residence. "

The strongest theory indicates that Thorogood would have drowned him and that Frank himself came to confess it in 1993, in his last days of life, to Tom Keyloc, assistant and driver of the Stones.

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However, there are other much stronger hypotheses, where they indicate that it was sent to m @ tar by the Rolling Stones themselves, as they did not want to sign a contract to part with the name of the band.

But it should be mentioned that it was never cleared up the reason for his departure and remains a mystery to this day.

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Brian Jones was buried on July 10 in Cheltenham, his hometown. its stone It said it all: "Don't judge me too harshly."

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