Brie Larson does not know when the sequel to Captain Marvel will roll


Image of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel (2019)

Officially presented Phase Four of the UCM, many fans have been surprised the total absence of a sequel to "Captain Marvel". A project that we still do not know if they have begun to develop already, but for which yes there would already be ideas.

Being the sixth highest-grossing film of the UCM in the United States, and the ninth of Marvel Studios to exceed one billion dollars at the global box office, it is surprising that the studio has not prioritized its sequel, but this uncertainty extends to its leading actress Brie Larson, who claims to completely ignore which one will be shot.

Faced with the direct question of whether she knows when she will do the following from Captain Marvel, the actress responded directly this way:

No. I don't know what job I'm going to do next, which is very exciting. I don't even know what my life is going to be like! And most of this year, you know, I had to do the press tour. In the last half I have concentrated much more on doing what I want to do that is completely out of my job. I feel like I've been in this incubation period all this time. Both incubation because I am developing projects as incubation of myself, in plan: ‘Okay, I'm going to turn 30. I've been working hard. I need to change that and see what's for me, see who I am now. and the ways I want to grow ’.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, pointed out that possible lines to explore in the sequel, such as delving into the entire Skrull / Kree conflict or exploring the time frame that goes from the end of the movie, when going through space with Talos , until we see her meet with the Avengers at the beginning of "Avengers: Endgame".

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