British model Demi Rose surprises in a very bare robe

British model Demi Rose surprises in a very bare robe | Instagram

The 14 million 400 thousand followers of the british model 25-year-old Demi Rose does not stop admiring her beauty thanks to her publications that always find a way to attract attention, not only in her Instagram but also in his stories as one of the most recent where he appears wearing a silk robe that leaves little to the imagination.

The model who is quite confused with Anastasia Kvikto Also a model but of Russian origin, she always finds in just a matter of seconds to captivate whoever passes her by Instagram.

Demi Rose Apparently she has been delighted since she started dating again, after she had to limit her outings due to the pandemic, however, from what can be seen, she managed to make the most of her outings quite well.

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The model loves to enjoy a good landscape where you can take tremendous photographs, however for her followers it is not everything, but it is very possible that for them only her figure is enough, without the need for a flashy fodo.

Without two videos in which she appears posing lying down, she is wearing a kind of robe similar to the ones that Geishas used to wear, as it has details of that culture throughout the robe and especially on the wide sleeves.

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Although the robe has a kind of buttons where it can be fastened Demi Rose She decided to leave them open so it was that her tremendous charms got a little more green than normal, like one of her legs, having it picked up was even more noticeable because it had an opening on the side.

Many of her fans consider her one of the most beautiful women in the world, in a short time she has managed to drastically increase her number of followers, and every day her name is heard more and her curves are more and more admired by new users.

With her meter and 57 centimeters in addition to her voluptuous measurements Demi Rose has managed to be decorated with the title of the most beautiful and sought after models on the Internet.

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The two videos that the model shared were through her stories on Instagram, although it is known that this type of publication is automatically deleted when twenty-four hours have passed since it was published, there are some tools that help you download the content, for what you can enjoy them at any time on other Instagram accounts or social networks.

Like a goddess !, @demirose delighted his followers with these images “, description of the publication in which the two Demi videos appear.

Something that is interesting about the stories of any application is that only the person who shares them can see how many people have seen it, you cannot place like’s in them, but if that were the case, the beautiful British woman would always have thousands or millions of Like.

Unlike Instagram on Twitter, Demi, although she has a large number of fans, does not compare with her millions of followers in the other application.

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It was when she turned 18 that she decided to open her Instagram account, she quickly began to have fans, and several companies immediately turned to see her and contact her to work with them, for the same reason she decided to move to Miami, Florida, United States, because as Well you know she is originally from England.

Today to Demi Rose From what we have seen throughout your publications that you promote certain clothing brands and other products, in addition to attending spectacular parties and meetings, there is no doubt that the life of a model is the ultimate.

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