Bruce Willis and John Travolta together again after Pulp Fiction in the thriller Paradise City

Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and important films ever, but just saying its title to immediately think about John Travolta e Bruce Willis.

Well, for the first time since the success of the groundbreaking 1994 gangster movie, the two stars will return to act together in the new film Paradise City! 27 years after the Palme d’Or at Cannes, John Travolta and Bruce Willis will reunite for what is described as an action film directed by Chuck Russell, with filming starting this Monday in Maui, Hawaii.

Willis will play a renegade bounty hunter named Ryan Swan, who must make his way into the Hawaiian crime world to take revenge on the boss, played by John Travolta, guilty of murdering his father. The first details speak of a ‘Miami Vice with bounty hunters instead of cops’. And who knows how Michael Mann, author of the great Miami Vice, would comment.

Deadline also reports that Thai actress and model Praya Lundberg landed the female lead role. And, apparently, Hawaii will represent ‘a real character’ that has some relevance to the script, so for the production it was important to shoot the film on location.

We remember that Paradise City will technically represent the fourth collaboration between Bruce Willis and John Travolta: before Pulp Fiction, in fact, the two had worked on Look Who’s Talking e Look who’s talking 2, even though Willis only had a voice actor role in the two films.

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