Btooom Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Btooom Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

We’ve always been shocked by Madhouse’s anime, including Death Note, OPM, & others. Btooom Season 2 is one such animation that has consistently been on the tip of my tongue.

Despite Btooom’s relatively low popularity, many would still want to see another season. Why? Because the story is similar to Darwin’s Game paired with High Rise Invasion-style action and Made in Abyss-style adventures.

I believe that fans should swarm Twitter with requests for a second season, but let’s wait and see whether Btooom Season 2 will ever see the big screen.

The initial season of the Btooom! anime was released in October 2012. Fans have been waiting for the second season for more than ten years. Here is all the information you want about Btooom Season two.

Btooom, a film produced by Madhouse and directed by Kotono Watanabe, is based on the Junya Inoue manga series of the same name. Currently, there are 26 tankabon volumes.

Btooom Season 2 Release Date:

The second season of Btooom has sadly been cancelled. The first season of the program debuted almost ten years ago, and a second season has not been ordered.

There was no problem with the source material since the animation relied on the corresponding manga. Despite the fact that viewers adored the plot and the anime received excellent ratings on websites like IMDB or My Anime List, its financial performance was poor.

Btooom Season 2 Trailer Release:

BTOOM Season 2 has no trailer yet. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a verified YouTube account.

Btooom Season 2 Cast:

  • Ksuke Kira as Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Nobutaka Oda as Yuichi Nakamura
  • Masashi Miyamoto and Takaya Kuroda
  • Masahito Date as Ken Narita
  • Kiyoshi Taira as Toru Okawa
  • Hidemi Kinoshita as Yooko Hikasa
  • Yoshihisa Kira as Hisao Egawa
  • Shiki Murasaki as Rica Fukami
  • Isamu Kond as Yasumichi Kushida

Btooom Season 2 Storyline:

A 22-year-old jobless young man named Ryta Sakamoto is well-known for dominating the online battle royale game Btooom! Up until the day he wakes upward on an unfamiliar tropical island with his mother, he enjoys a typical life. He has no recollection of how he got there.

He picks up an olive-colored crystal like those found in the game, validating his suspicions that Btooom! had become lethal. Although the story may first seem as No Game, No Life, believe me—it gets better!

In sharp contrast to his early aversion to violence, Ryta must engage in combat with other island residents in order to live.

He runs across a nasty stranger who attempts to hurt him with a a bomb while he is exploring. This incident strengthens his conviction that he must struggle to survive.

Ryta joins forces with Himiko, the Btooom! player who served as his in-game spouse, as the plot develops. They cooperate to traverse the dangerous real-world replica of the game while making every effort to stay alive.

Given that the season finale of Btooom ended on a major cliffhanger, we may anticipate that Season 2 will pick up where it left off.

The anime series Btooom! is based on the corresponding manga. Players in the well-known multiplayer online game Btooom! must employ strategy to kill one another while utilizing only restricted weaponry (bombs) & a sonar system to find other players.

A 22-year-old guy named Ryota Sakamoto is one of the best gamers in the online game Btooom!

One day, Ryota wakes up alone on an island, with a bag of explosives and a computer chip. He quickly learns that he has joined the game and must play Btooom! for real, where losing now spells his demise.

The protagonist of Btooom is Ryta Sakamoto, a 22-year-old jobless young man. Ryta, who lives a typical life with his mom, is regarded as one of the top competitors in the online battle royale videogame Btooom!

Then a single day, his tranquil existence is destroyed as he wakes up on an uncharted tropical island. Additionally, he is unaware of the way he got there. He checks himself and discovers something stuck in his hand. He uses a green crystal in his battle royale game.

Ryta notices a person has brought Btooom video games to reality at precisely that precise time. Then Ryta gets himself up and begins to look about the island. He encounters a stranger while searching and begs him for assistance. Instead of offering assistance, the stranger bombs Ryta.

This proves that his worst dread is coming true. He resolves to engage in battle others to death in order to live. Ryta begins by murdering the opponents while initially refusing all forms of violence in order to survive. Ryta hooks up with Himiko, another Btooom! member, as the show goes on.

Himiko is Ryta’s virtual spouse in the Battle Royale video game. Both of them attempt to live while playing a horrifying reenactment of the game.

Where To Watch Btooom Season 2?

If Btooom the second season is confirmed, Crunchyroll will likely stream the episodes on their service. Several local television stations may also air the episodes.

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