Bunbury: I'm not going to do concerts with the public in cars

Enrique Bunbury released his 10th solo album, “Possible,” on Friday with an introspective message that fits in well with the times of the coronavirus. But if things were not to "normalize" to the point of being able to go on tour again, he would have no problem retiring.

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"I'm not particularly going to do concerts with the public in a car," Bunbury said firmly in a phone interview with The Associated Press, citing this and other suggested alternatives - including occupying only one in three seats - as "very little realistic. "

“Honestly, if that is going to be like this in 2020, call me in 2021 and we will start talking about tours. And if in 2021 it continues like this, or stays like this forever and ever, as some threaten, well then my career has come this far. Absolutely nothing happens, "he added.

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Although within this new reality, he is open to virtual promotion of his production and continues composing at his home in Los Angeles. With 10 cuts that include his new single "The terms of my surrender", "Possible" comes after his albums "Expectations", from 2017, and "Palosanto" from 2013.

It represents an evolution for the 52-year-old Spanish artist, who in the last decade has moved away from the most common rock sounds to experiment with Mediterranean, Latin American and even cabaret music.

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“These albums, the last three, are the ones that I consider most contemporary. They have more presence of synthesizers, of sequences and ... that's my musical approach for this album, ”said Bunbury.

As for the lyrics, he indicated that after having looked "more outward" in the previous two albums, that "they had a more social, committed look", he finally looked inward to touch more sensitive and personal material.

In “The terms of my surrender”, for example, he reflects on the connection between the human being and his work.

"How important and necessary is this burden that we put on ourselves as the need to prosper and succeed at work and reconnection with ourselves and with nature," said Bunbury. "That's a bit of what the song talks about and I think right now it's a song that I see as necessary."

Other titles on the album are "Anyone in his right mind (he would have gone crazy for you)", "Mariachi without a head" and "Man of action".

Bunbury began in boy music playing the guitar and achieved international fame as the lead singer of the Spanish band Héroes del Silencio. Many consider him an icon of rock in Spanish, but he identifies himself more as an alternative musician.

"Well, I think that right now we are practically all alternatives. Let's say that the music that plays on the radios, that reaches the Billboard charts or appears in the main streaming playlists is pop, R&B, urban, reggaeton ... All the rest, which is like 97% of music of the world, because we are alternative ”, he explained.

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He wanted to make it very clear that he has nothing against any musical style, because "every genre that touches the heart or the sensitivity of the listener is worth it and it deserves the space", but added that he would like to see a little more variety and that the world could know "the fantastic music that is recorded today in all corners of the planet".

Confinement hasn't changed much for Bunbury, who described himself as a homemaker who spends most of his time writing songs in his studio.

"It's a little bit what I keep doing, so the longer this bull run lasts, the more songs I'm going to have," he said before adding humorously: "I'm going to have to ask the authorities to open us as soon as possible, because if I'm not going to having to release a fivefold disc. "

In a more serious tone, he expressed himself deeply distressed by what is happening in the world and what will come next. "Just thinking about misery, hunger, lack of work, that worries me greatly, apart mainly from the deceased, the sick and their families."

He concluded that if the pandemic has to leave us all, it is more "empathy and compassion."

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