Busting the myths about casino games

Gambling has been a part of India since the dawn of humanity as it is associated with India’s rich culture and heritage. Gambling consists of a long and varied history in India. Gambling was described in Hindu mythology in books dating back to 2000 BC, according to certain historians. It began with nuts used as dice and has progressed to the point where we can now play online, right on our phones. People have always been drawn to games of chance, and India is still a country that enjoys casino games and wagering in all of its forms.

With technical advancements and the expansion of the internet and telecommunications, online gaming in India has become an enormously popular form of entertainment in a nascent industry.

In many gambling myths, casinos are portrayed as a fraudulent business that takes the money from players, and most of these myths provide strategies for fighting back and increasing the odds of winning. There are many myths about casinos that ignore the fact that payout percentages are set by the random number generators of the game, which are rigorously regulated and, in most cases, promoted by the casino.

Misconceptions about casino games in India

It’s a good bet that everyone has encountered at least one misconception about casinos that they believe to be true, whether or not they have any gambling experience. Some gambling myths are so extensively spread that even casual players believe they are true.

However, the most famous and widely held casino superstitions are simply just myths. These misbeliefs may have been founded in reality at one time, but they are no longer applicable.

These casino myths are just harmless stories that in no uncertain terms have any negative impact on a person, rather casinos suffer business and reputation damage and the enjoyable experience of gambling is ruined.

Top 10 casino myths that are exaggerated and not true

  • Winning in casino games is a sheer luck factor

Probably the most common superstition you have encountered about gambling is that winning in these games is sheer luck. Although it holds some truth because luck does stand out to be an important factor in gambling, but, luck isn’t the only aspect that determines who wins. Many games, such as poker, blackjack, and andar bahar casino game need players with talent, skill, and comprehension of the rules to win large. It’s quite unusual for a newcomer with no knowledge of what they’re doing to win a fortune at a blackjack table just by getting fortunate.

  • You are more likely to win by playing multiple games at once

Having two slots or poker games open at the same time may result in you winning more often, but you’re also likely to lose more if you do so. Taking more risks will ultimately lead to losses.

  • Increase your spending to win more

Another casino myth revolves around the notion that casino games are not arbitrary. In fact, it is quite the contrary! These games are completely random! In other words, you can walk up to a slot machine with no money down and win big right away.

Another possibility would be spending your life savings on the same machine for eternity, figuring that the more you spend, the greater your odds are. You never know which of these cases will happen, so don’t overthink everything and enjoy the randomness of it.

  • Players get addicted to casino games

Another popular misunderstanding in India is that after you’ve gambled once, twice, and three times, you’ll never be able to stop. We’re sorry to break it to you, but this is a misunderstanding. 

Gambling addiction should not be treated lightly because it may be fatal for certain people. That is why the government and gaming authorities work hard to establish harsh penalties in order for legal gambling to be practiced. There is no doubt that some players have gotten extremely addicted to gambling, nevertheless, this does not indicate that everyone is or will become hooked.

  • Casino machines have been manipulated

Surprisingly, this is a widespread misconception. Even seasoned slot machine players are caught in by this one! Even more perplexing, it’s all too common for consumers to blame their losses on hacked computers, even when the devices aren’t at fault.

The good news is that no tampering with gaming machines occurs. The bad news is that you can’t hold them responsible for your losses. There are tight regulations in place to prevent casinos from manipulating their machines in favor of the house, and if they are caught cheating, their reputation may quickly be ruined beyond repair.

  • It is illegal to gamble online in India

The world has moved away from land-based casinos, and internet gambling now reigns supreme. However, this has given birth to the notion that online gaming is prohibited. Yes, it is banned in certain regions of India but lawful in others due to the fact that internet gambling is regulated by various states.

Keep in mind that whether or not internet gambling is legal affects the casino operator rather than the gambler. Many of India’s overseas casinos are permitted in Malta, one of the world’s strictest online gambling authorities. If you are highly interested in the legal claims of gaming in your province and state, you should look into the authenticity of the claims.

  • Gaming floors at casinos are filled with oxygen to keep players awake

This myth, which has been circulating on the internet, is totally untrue. If casinos filled their gaming floors with oxygen, they would have to incur a lot of expenses. Moreover, this practice will create a host of legal problems for them.

  • A crowded casino improves your likelihood of victory at slots

The gap between this casino myth and reality can be explained by one of two factors. A busy casino will theoretically have more jackpot payouts, higher prize buckets, and far more wins than a quieter one, but only because there are more games that are played at any given time. However, even if you’re one of the hundreds or the only one on the gaming floor, your odds remain the same as an individual player.

  • Keeping track of cold and hot numbers will help you win

Many gamblers are unaware that the impression of hot and cold numbers does not have any explanation or alternative. Some players feel that a previously seen number is more likely to occur again. While some gamblers believe that a number that does not appear frequently will be the fortunate number, this is not always the case. However, when it comes to numbers, the general rule is that any number has a possibility of occurring. There are certain exceptions, such as blackjack and poker, but only when the game is played live.

  • If you are constantly losing, you’re about to win

The well-known gambler’s fallacy is to blame for this erroneous reasoning. This is a casino fallacy that, unfortunately, costs a lot of money. If you’ve been losing, don’t hang around expecting a big win since this casino rumor isn’t true.

The gambler’s fallacy is the belief that the likelihood of a single outcome differs from the likelihood of a series of options. False! Sorry to burst your bubble, but just being on a losing streak does not increase your odds of winning.


Overall, it’s crucial to remember that casino games are unpredictable and random, which is what makes them exciting! No, you’re not being pumped with oxygen to keep you up while playing. Your losses are also not the result of a shady vendor or a manipulated machine! Now that these common casino fallacies have been exposed, you may play live casino games at Parimatch without fear of being taken advantage of.

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