but do the accounts add up in the end?

Tonight on Cielo starting at 9:20 pm 88 minutes, thriller with Al Pacino directed by Jon Avnet and also starring Alicia Witt and Ben McKenzie returns to the air.

The film is set in Seattle and tells the story of the forensic psychiatrist and college professor Jack Gramm, responsible for the conviction of serial killer Jon Forster, whom the jury sentenced to death. The criminal, however, accuses Jack of having manipulated the trial and, on the eve of the execution, the crimes start again with the same modus operandi: to complicate things, Jack receives a phone call telling him that it has only eighty-eight minutes to live, starting a desperate race to solve the case.

To prepare you for the vision, we propose you the best trivia on 88 minutes:

  • The film is shot in “real time”, which means that when Jack Gramm is told he is only eighty-eight minutes to live, the remaining time is exactly eighty-eight minutes: at the end of the count-down the identity of the person who threatened the protagonist is revealed.
  • This film represented three major reunions for Al Pacino: the star reunited with Amy Brenneman, with whom he had worked in Michael Mann’s Heat (1995), Damien Leake, whom he met in Sea of Love (1989) and finally with William Forsythe, who had starred in Dick Tracy (1990).
  • The film was shot on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada: according to a local source, Al Pacino used to go to student apartments to surprise and greet them as much as possible.
  • 88 minutes is the second in which the character of Al Pacino has a monologue on “free will”: it had already happened The devil’s advocate, starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, released in 1997.

Good vision!

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