‘But now I want to get better!’

The quarantine has had devastating effects on practically anyone, even on the always perfect and flawless Hollywood stars: the proof has been provided in the last hours Will Smith, who was not afraid to show off the results of the sedentary life carried out over the last year.

The I Am Legend star has shown herself in bad shape on Instagram, admitting without too much trouble that she has let go a little too much. Don’t worry, though: the good Will already wants to get back on track, at least judging by his new post.

With the irony that has always distinguished him, Smith has in fact posted on Instagram a short video (complete with background music by Pussycat Dolls) that portrays him once again in his underwear and with his belly in full view: “This is the physique that has carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days gone by hang out for the pantry. I love this body, but now I want to feel better. No more muffins at midnight … it’s over! I’ll be back in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!“announced ours.

For our part, in short, we can only do a big good luck to our Will: we are sure that with the right dose of stubbornness he will be able to achieve the desired result! Meanwhile, Will Smith himself recently shared a hilarious portrait of him.

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