Calderón's letter to López Obrador: "Rectify" and "do not polarize" Mexicans


December 2, 2019, After the first anniversary of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador was completed, former President Felipe Calderón sent him a letter "With the reflections that I believe are important for a president when he is one year old."

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva in Formula Radio, Calderón Hinojosa revealed some passages contained in his book “Decisiones Difíciles” that this Monday went on sale under the publisher's seal Debate.

Calderón Hinojosa assured that the letter sent to López Obrador "It was written in good faith, I hope the president does well, that he does not polarize, that he unifies. I make a timely recommendation. That ratifies the airport decision, investors would change perspective, there will be job activation. It is important to save Mexico ”he asserted.

He considered that López Obrador "could be the best president of Mexico if he proposed and rectified it, which he has not done (...) I think it is important to tell the president what things can be done and it is already his moral responsibility if he does them ... he cannot say that he was not told, "Calderón warned.


He noted that in the first part of his book he talks about some of his decisions about why he decided to participate in politics, his time as president of the National Action Party (PAN) until he became President of the Republic, defending the vote in 2006.

He explained that he makes revelations of "how we won the 2006 presidency, I collect texts from both (Carlos) Tello and Luis Carlos Ugalde in their books 'July 2' and 'So I lived it' respectively, where in the case of Tello, He reveals what was going on inside Andrés Manuel López Obrador's barracks, where they knew they had lost, where they had surveys that were against them and still went out to support what was false that they had won by 10 points (percentage). Almost 15 years later and it is the date that they did not present the famous survey where they were winning me by 10 points"

He said that the book chronicles one of the most important moments of his life, which was the day he took office, detailing how they agreed with the Presidential General Staff to gain entry to the Chamber of Deputies.

Faced with the indication of Ciro Gómez Leyva that in his book, Calderón draws an Andrés Manuel López Obrador "violent and mean", the former PAN president assured "what I characterize is basically a behavior throughout a long history between the two.. remember that we met in 1996. We came to have some respectful closeness, relationship as president of the PRD and I of the PAN, but I qualify in many chapters, I imagine that one of those you refer to is the transition process and the civil resistance, where I explain why with the strategies with the very rules of civil resistance, we were able to win that game, let's say it culminates precisely with the inauguration ”.


On the other hand, Calderón Hinojosa also referred to the current Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, of whom he said "he has had gestures as people of the State".

He assured that he did not have sympathy or empathy for him (in terms of futurism regarding candidacies), but he said "I must admit that (when Ebrard was Head of Government of Mexico City and the crisis of the AH1N1 Influenza and the taking of Luz occurred and Strength of the Center) he not only respected me as president, but he collaborated .. indeed, he could have ignored me, he could have sabotaged me, he could have boycotted me, he didn't", said.

Although in his book criticized the decision of also former President Enrique Peña Nieto not to continue with the same public security strategy "I am respectful of former President Peña, whom I also appreciate, but I am obliged to make a distinction in the book on security policy, which has wrongly said that President Peña continued the security policy that I put into effect and then I definitely have to deny it ”, he emphasized.

"I'm not saying that he (security) abandoned it, but as a priority that must be yes ... he canceled the Ministry of Public Security, submitted what we had done, his government, not him, to the political criteria of someone who aspired to the presidency (Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong). But I make clear distinctions because the primary objective of the three strategic axes that I describe in the book is to create trustworthy and effective police and ministerial institutions as the only possibility to face the security problem and, of course, to rebuild the social fabric and combat the criminals who they are the three strategic axes, that ended, went out. "

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Peña Nieto (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Peña Nieto (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

And he insisted that if the pace of civilian police recruitment had been followed and also led by civilian authorities, while the processes of trust control had continued, "I think that the situation could have been reversed."

In his book he dedicates a good part to talking about security and also reveals how it is that he decided to start the fight against drug trafficking in his homeland, Michoacán, at that time governed by Lázaro Cárdenas Batel (son of the moral leader of the PRD, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas ) and who is now an advisor to Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He recalled that in several meetings with Lázaro Cárdenas, the governor asked him to send the federal forces because the situation was already unsustainable in Michoacán.

"Lázaro was a very responsible governor ... he was concerned about the safety of the people of Michoacán, the countrymen (...) In one of those meetings that we were talking about, I had some resistance to it (sending the military to Michoacán) in the Thousand Summits Prison the people of the Michoacán Family who were imprisoned kidnap their public defenders who were poor interns from the Law School, kidnap them, the federal government (Vicente Fox) does not intervene, they leave only Lázaro and that ends in a tragedy .. they slaughter the poor (the lawyers) ”.

It was that fact, said Calderón “which ends up convincing me, I convinced myself that it was necessary to help, regardless of whether it was risky, etc. I trusted him, he trusted me and I thank him, it was a difficult decision and I think it was the right one, ”he said.

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Regarding his relationship with President Vicente Fox, he acknowledged that "there were difficulties with Vicente (...). I did not have strong support from the person who preceded me in office and, being from the same party, attacked me on several occasions as President (...) ) ”.

Felipe Calderón narrated other episodes of his book where he had to be a spectator of the political transition in Mexico and later as president.


In the book, Calderón Hinojosa revealed that he was forced to deliver the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and the National Lottery to people from Elba Esther Gordillo, because he had already been agreed with former President Vicente Fox. .

“A political agreement, but it was also not a political agreement of mine. It was an agreement that came from Vicente Fox where the ISSSTE and the Lottery were in the hands of people from Elba Esther (Gordillo) and this political agreement was enforced by Elba Esther and it was enforced by Fox (...) it was a moment in the one that was the PRD, the left, etc; doing everything possible to blow up the election and impede the presidency. "

According to the controversy over the cancellation of the New Mexico City Airport that was built in Texcoco, considered that if it had been announced in the early days of the Enrique Peña Nieto government, it would not be happening right now because it would have already been inaugurated.

"I admit that this is speculation but the facts that I narrate is that we worked very discreetly throughout the six-year period to prepare the airport, the project, we rectified the runways so that they remained inside the Texcoco glass and there would be no problem with the ejidatarios of Atenco, we bought reservations to make the park in Latin America bigger .. well, everything was ready, 2012 came with Dionisio Pérez Jácome who was my brilliant Communications secretary .. we decided not to announce it because he was going to lend himself to electoral accusation and in fact I preferred that the project remain for whoever won and not be destroyed in the wake of the electoral accusations. ”

"When the election passes, I am going to announce the airport project ... it was a long 5 months of transition, for a political courtesy I told the team of former President Peña the answer was: 'no, no no ... that project has to announcing the incoming president ', etc. .. it hurt a lot but I said' well, I promised to support the president so that it would go well for him, I'm going to do it '”so he gave him the project.

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"I insist ... if it was 35% complete right now, I think that if it had been announced three years before when it was announced, the new government would enter, it would have ended"he pointed out.

He highlighted that In his book he talks about the situation he had to live through during the 2009 AH1N1 Influenza. He said that the then Secretary of Health, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos informed him that there were many people who were dying in hospitals because there was a new disease for which there was no vaccine "and we do not know if it has and neither do we know the fatality rate" .

"This chapter is very important because it requires many very relevant decisions to be made, among others, confinement or quarantine and very, very quickly. And no, it is not proportional, it is not comparable with the Covid because it is much more contagious and much more deadly, but it is comparable in something else…. In the decisions that have to be made in uncertainty, especially in a principle that is when you can be more effective as a government, when everything is contagious and unleashed, it is very difficult to control that and second and very important is the economic recovery ”, he stressed.

"We had a new, deadly virus in 2009 ... the 2009 Wuhan was Mexico City, we were the center where the virus came fromImagine the concern, but we also had the worst economic recession so far, which is seen to be more severe worldwide and in Mexico of course. The measures that are taken are very important ”.

"For example, the ones we take to preserve employment, not only to stimulate temporary employment, but for example the technical stoppages in which we told companies' don't run to employees, I pay (the federal government) a third part , you (businessman) pay another third part and that the worker accepts to earn a third less. let's preserve employment for three months' and that was the reason why we preserved half a million jobs aimed at the export sector ”.

"Compared to the situation, for example right now, see the figures ... I understand that from March 18 to April 18, 770,000 jobs were lost. More jobs than all those lost in the great recession of 2009. Now, could that have been avoided? Yes and no.. No, because they are indeed derived from this terrible situation, I lived it, which is an epidemic contingency, but they could have been limited because if the government had supported the companies with their social security contributions, with a part of the workers salary or in the decree issued by the Health Council said that a health contingency was decreed (We, with the support of Congress, amended the Law in 2011 so that this would not happen again) the health contingency would have given the possibility of suspending the employment relationship with compensation of at least one salary for the workers and when the health contingency was reduced, they could continue working without losing their job"He assured.

"If the Council, instead of having said 'force majeure health emergency' with which it prohibited companies from using this law-saving mechanism, would have said 'health contingency', thousands of the jobs that had already been lost would not have been lost they lost in a month and a half. And because? for ideological prejudices without technical foundation that are ruling Mexico at the moment and where it is believed that the entrepreneur is bad, that the entrepreneur is abusive and has something to cope with ... there are the consequences. Neither the entrepreneur is bad nor abusive. They don't have money, especially the small businessmen to sustain their workforce, we lost 700,000 jobs, a good part that could have been avoided, "he emphasized.


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