Call It Love Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The main protagonists of the drama “Call it Love,” Sim Woo-Joo and Han Dong-Jin, fall in love despite the challenging situations that surround them.

As they anxiously anticipate the end of season one, many “Call It Love” fans are already thinking about the potential of a second season.

Sadly, no official announcement about the second season of “Call It Love” has been made.

Because of this, people are concerned that the program may not return and are unclear of its future.

Despite the absence of formal word, some fans are nevertheless enthused about the possibility of a second season.

Renewed or Canceled?, a Potential Release Date, the Storyline, Season 1’s End, and Season 2: What to anticipate are all topics covered in this page. Review, rating, and cast

Call It Love Season 2 Release Date:

There is no official word on when “Call It Love” season 2 will be released. Given that the series has only recently enjoyed its Disney+ premiere, the decision to continue it may take a while for the show’s creators to decide. The first airing of the show’s last two episodes is still pending.

If any news has to be announced, it won’t happen until after the season finale. To remain up to date, follow “Call It Love” & the production company on its official social media profiles. Keep reading to find out as soon as information on “Call It Love” season 2’s release schedule and date becomes available.

Call It Love Season 2 Trailer Release:

There won’t be any information about a Call It Love season 2 trailer debuting soon since the first season hasn’t yet ended. Watch this space for additional developments.

Call It Love Season 2 Cast:

  • Lee Song-Kyoung as Sim, Woo-joo
  • Ell as Sim Woo-joo 
  • Harrison Xu as Sim Ji-Gu, Andrew Lee as Sun-Woo 
  • Yuuki Luna as Kim Yu-Ri 
  • Kim Young-kwang as Han Dong-jin 
  • Sung Joon Park as Yoon Joon

Call It Love Season 2 Storyline:

The touching romantic melodrama “Call It Love,” about Sim Woo-Joo and Han Dong-Jin, chronicles the story of two individuals whose turbulent relationship radically changes their lives.

The drama explores the concepts of affection, repentance, and redemption as the two protagonists struggle with several difficulties.

Sim Woo-Joo’s life falls apart as her father passes away, and his mistress forces her out of her home. She approaches Han Dong-Jin, the son of her father’s ex-girlfriend, seeking vengeance, but finds she has fallen in love after spending time with him.

Han Dong-Jin, a workaholic who never had any genuine love, changes as a result of Sim Woo-Joo’s entrance.

The show’s writing is packed with heartwarming scenes, surprising twists, and moving sequences that keep viewers engaged and drawn into the story.

As their love for each other grows, they learn that they are capable of significantly altering one other’s life.

The changing power of forgiveness and affection is eloquently captured in “Call It Love.” Anyone who appreciates a good romantic drama must watch the program!

Call It Love viewers are looking forward to the series finale and wondering if there will be an additional season.

Call It Love’s renewal has unfortunately not been announced. The second season, however, would certainly continue to chronicle the daily lives of the core protagonists as they navigate their highs and lows.

Fans can look forward to more drama, romance, and unexpected twists that keep fans on the edge in their seats.

Additionally, fresh characters might be added to the story to give it more depth. Fans can anticipate more of the captivating story that has captured their attention from the beginning.

There have only been 14 episodes of Call It Love thus far. The series will come to an end in the following episodes.

Episodes 15 and sixteen will comprise the season finale. We will have to wait till the final episode airs to see what occurred at the conclusion of season 1.

However, episode 14 also included a number of important plot aspects. Woo-ju is honest with Dong-jin about her intentions for retaliation and her family’s opposition to their relationship. He is unhappy but not furious and offers to help her return the home. But he learns that his mom has sold it.

He takes an entire week off job to search for everything in his house, but the phone number he has no longer works.

In the meanwhile, Woo-ju leaves her job at the drugstore to look for work elsewhere. Hae-sung shows her pictures of a new apartment, and they make the decision to move. Woo-ju gave him her father’s will before the burial, Dae-hong tells Dong-jin.

Call It Love Season 2 Rating:

8.1 on IMDB and 8.5 on MyDramaList are the ratings for Call It Love.These are favorable evaluations, and the audience and reviewers both gave similar scores.Overall, it’s a lovely drama with a lovely romance.

Call It Love Season 2 Review:

The ever-so-slightly alarming young actress Jee Un Lee (ex-Kdrama My Mister, 2018), who has an unquenchable thirst for total loser men, is destined to cross paths with us once again, this time on a more innocent mission, promising a real, sizzling love encounter at last! However, our fearsome senorita, Sim Woo-Joo, proves she is not only the smartest on the building but also the friendliest and warmest when it comes to her poor protege, Han Dongjin, portrayed by Kim Young Kwang.

This is a typical retribution drama flipped on its side, and it’s a wonderful success in casting. Our lady Jee Un Lee gives a terrific, quiet performance, demonstrating how far she’s gone from her early appearances in kid-drama roles a decade ago. You can’t help but have a hidden crush for Sim Woo-Joo.

It completely dispels the idea that women can’t compete on a stage with a mixed cast without resorting to the awful “about her” plays now running in shabby tinseltown theaters.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In “Call It Love” Season 2?

There will be an equal number of episodes in the much awaited third “Call It Love” season. Viewers of romantic dramas could anticipate another gripping tale about relationships and love.

The creators of the program pledge to maintain the high levels of quality and entertainment that have rendered the first season a success.

The series aims to wow viewers once again thanks to its excellent cast and crew. Fans of “Call It Love” won’t be dissatisfied with the next season.

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