Call Me Kat Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Hulu has been showing a popular show for the past few weeks. “Call Me Kat” is the name of the show. Audiences of this show are very excited about when “Call Me Kat Season 3” will come out.

If you’re reading this, I keep hoping you are also interested in know when the next season of “Call Me Cat” comes out.

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Call Me Kat Third season Chapter 2 & Episode 10 will both come out in January 2023. Their stories will blow your mind.

In new photos from season 3 of Call Me Kat, Vicki Lawrence is seen as Phil’s mother, who was played by the late Leslie Jordan.

Call Me Kat is a spinoff of the British sitcom Miranda. It premiered on Fox in 2021. Mayim Bialik plays Kat, a single woman in her 30s who runs a cat café. Jordan was a main character and played the café’s head baker until he died in a car crash in October.

Call Me Kat Season 3 Release Date:

A release date can’t be suggested until the season is known for sure.

If the tv series is decided to pick up today, this will take about a year to finish all the steps of production. This means that the first episode won’t air until late 2022 or initial 2023.

If it does happen, we’ll put a note on our website.

The third season of Call Me Kat has not been announced yet.

The third season of the Call Me Kat TV show, on the other hand, is not set to air until late 2022 or early 2023.

Fans of Call Me Kat Third season are thrilled, and they can’t wait to find out when Season 3 will start.

We will add any new knowledge or changes to this post about when Season 3 of Call Me Kat will be out.

Call Me Kat Season 3 Trailer Release:

At the moment, there is no trailer for Season 3 of Call Me Kat.

But make sure to keep coming back to our page because we will keep adding any new information about the next season of Call Me Kat.

If it is, though, you will be able to see it on with us page. While you wait for the third season trailer, you can watch the trailer for the previous season.

Call Me Kat Season 3 Cast:

We haven’t heard anything official yet about who will be in season 3. Still, if the second season of Call Me Kat has the same cast as the first, we can expect to see the characters who show up often.

The following characters were part of the cast in season 3 and had recurring roles in previous seasons.

  • Mayim Bialik plays Kat.
  • Swoosie Kurtz plays Sheila.
  • Leslie Jordan plays Phil
  • Randi is played by Kyla Pratt
  • Carter is played by Julian Gant
  • Max is a role for Cheyenne Jackson.
  • Oscar is played by Christopher Rivas.
  • Lamorne Morris plays Daniel.
  • Tara Barnett is played by Vanessa Lachey.
  • Joey Lawrence is his own character.
  • Jenna Von Oy is in her own movie.
  • Michael Stoyanov is himself in the play.

Call Me Kat Season 3 Storyline:

Even though Call Me Kat’s third season hasn’t been officially announced, it’s no longer essential that you assume the spoiler at the this time.

Please continue to communicate with us, because we will post any new information about this topic here as soon as we get it.

Call Me Kat started when Kat’s father died. She quit her professorship, took the money her mom and dad had saved for her wedding, & opened a cat café. T

he show has been following her as she begins this new part of her life.

At the conclusion of Season 2, both Kat’s job and her love life are in limbo. She goes to Paris (spoiler alert!) after breaking up with Oscar, but Bialik told TV Insider in May 2022, prior to actually season 3 was renewed, that the character could end up anywhere.

“I could see her going a lot of different places. I could indeed see her becoming a different person. I might see her doing things differently. It’s exciting since I truly don’t know “Bialik said.

The TV show Call Me Kat, which airs on the FOX network, is based on the British show Miranda. Mayim Bialik, Swoosie Kurtz, Kyla Pratt, Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Jordan, and Julian Gant all play roles in the show.

In season three, Ken Jennings, Kevin Sussman, and Parker Young are among the people who come as guests.

The story is about a woman named Kat (Bialik) who fights against society and her mother every day to show that she can live a happy and fulfilling life even though she is still single at 39.

Sheila (Kurtz), Kat’s mother, thinks that the fact that her daughter is single is a sign that she has failed as a person.

Kat opens a cat café with the money her parents had saved for her wedding after she quits her job as a college professor at the University of Louisville.

Randi Pratt, an artist, and Phil Jordan, a baker, are two of Kat’s friends who work at the cafe with her.

Kat is happy to be on her own, but when her old crush and good friend Max (Jackson) comes back to town, her plans to stay single start to change.

Max works as a barmaid with his friend Carter at the piano bar across the street from Kat’s place (Gant).

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 3 of Call Me Kat?

A next season of Call Me Kat is going to be made, says the producer.

Then, like previous seasons, it will probably have 13 or even more episodes. Because of this, there will be at least seven episodes in the next season.

In the last season, there were thirteen episodes, some of which were:

  • Call Me Kerfuffled, Episode 1
  • Call Me by My Middle Name: Episode 2
  • Call Me a Sporty Giant, Episode 3
  • Call Me Forty, Episode 4
  • Call Me Your Biggest Fan, Episode 5
  • Call Me Unfaithful; Episode 6
  • Call Me Cupcake, Episode 7
  • Call Me Seor Don Gato, Episode 8
  • Call Me Irresponsible, Episode 9
  • Call Me Katzilla, Episode 10
  • Episode 11: Call Me the Bad Boy of Cheese
  • Call Me a McCluckhead, Episode 12
  • Call Me a Kingbirdie, Episode 13

Call Me Kat Season 2 Ratings and Reviews:


If you haven’t seen the show yet and are wondering how good it is, I can say that it’s pretty good! IMDb gives it a good score of 5.2/10, and Rotten tomatoes says that 61 percent of people liked it.

So, in my opinion, you have to go to this concert. If you’re still not sure about going, read what other people have said.


Everyone seems to be making unfair comparisons to another show, which seems to be the main problem.

I’m writing a report based only on my expertise with the show, which I liked, because I’ve never heard of or seen any other show.

It has a great group of actors. Mayim Bialik is cute and weird, and Leslie Jordan is hilarious. My favorite has always been Swoosie Kurtz. I don’t know much about Kyla Pratt and Cheyenne Jackson, but I like them and think they are great additions to the group.

Even though this movie isn’t really Citizen Kane, it is funny, interesting, and different. The constant breaking of the fourth wall is a gimmick and a little annoying, but it’s great.

It’s funny and not full of bathroom humor, stupidity, or sex. Overall, I had fun watching and would do so again.

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