Camilo and Evaluna are criticized for uploading video that they claim is disgusting

It seems that the video that Evaluna Montaner and Camilo shared did not like their followers at all because they claim that it is something disgusting.

It seems that the signs of love and affection That the couple expresses itself on social networks always causes controversy because for some it is something nice for others it is not.

On several occasions they have been criticized for his demonstrations of love they are not so usual nowadays, even for some it is an exaggeration.

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In the video that Evaluna shared in his official account of Instagram Camilo appears taking one of his feet with his hands as if he were playing a harmonica.

His beloved and adored wife shared in description "Quarantine. Day 69425" so it is believed that because of so long locked up They have already chosen to do things that seem out of the ordinary like trying to touch with their toes.

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While Camillo was doing it apparently very excited Eva Luna She tells him that this tickled her immediately after her comment. the interpreter of "For the first time" He decided to bite her causing a small cry from him for the evil that his husband had done to him.

"Some are going to say that" oh, how intense this man is. "Others: awww, I love the love you have," shared one internatua.

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Other comments that were in the publication were that it seemed too disgusting and that for the world nothing would kiss the foot of another personOn the other hand, there were more positive than negative comments because the couple has great support from their followers who love them.

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Although the couple has seen the criticism towards them, they may not be uncomfortable because they know how they handle their relationship and if they share those kinds of videos It is because they are born and have no problem with the possible criticisms that they may unleash.

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