Can children of Luis Miguel and Aracely appear in series?

In recent days, the lawyer for the actress Aracely Arámbula addressed the issue of the participation of the histrionic in the next season of the bioseries of Luis Miguel Under a number of conditions, As for your children this seems to be more complex. Could they appear at some point?

It was in the most recent days that the lawyer of the former partner of "Sol", Aracely Arambula, addressed the issue of whether the singer could at some point use the image of his children in the bioseries authorized in NetflixHowever, this would be an even more sensitive issue.

According to the lawyer, Guillermo González Pous, who currently oversees the legal issues of the use of the image of the television star, announced that regarding the children of both, this implies a series of conditions, even more restricted than in the case of the Mexican interpreter.

Recently the cameras looked again for Pous, to know the position of Aracely Arámbula regarding this issue.

After being questioned about whether the so-called "Sun of Mexico"would authorize to speak or name their children in the story the representative confirmed the following:

You cannot do it, they are still minors, and in the condition in which the agreement that exists for custody, parental authority and other decisions that have to do with minors can be found, there must be the consensus of both, for which in no way would it be "

Likewise, he hinted that until now, Luis Miguel does not intend to mention the minors, Daniel and Miguel, in said project.

Without confirmation, at least we know in good faith that the protagonist himself has no intention of making a mention, reference or allusion to his children, he said.

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It was through the "Firsthand" program that the 45-year-old singer and actress's legal advisor revealed more details about this controversy a few months after the premiere of said production.

As for the position of Aracely Arámbula, he announced that the former partner of the interpreter of "When the Sun heats up" remains very firm and would not agree with this possibility.

Mrs. Arámbula's position is firm, for no reason despite the fact that she participates or authorizes the use of her brand in the series, she will in no way allow "exposing", by which I mean her two children, she explained.

At first, the so-called "Chule" had confirmed that she would not participate in any way in the series of her partner, the singer Luis Miguel, and even the slightest reference to her image would proceed legally.

Later, through the cameras of "Ventaneando", the lawyer of the well-known television actress announced that he would accept the use of her image under a series of conditions, among them, he said:

The story must be attached to reality, they must reward her financially for the use of her image, she will supervise and approve the scenes, as well as the actress who will interpret her, even if she does not find anyone to her liking, she would appear in the series, as revealed by his lawyer in an interview with Ventaneando.

Will it be three seasons?

Regarding other details, about the seasons that the story of "Luismi" will cover, the copyright expert, Guillermo Pous, clarified that they did not "go beyond what said negotiations will entail", thus also responding to questions about whether the scenes where Arámbula appears in the life of "are already recorded.Sol".

Due to the information we have about how the script was closed, or could have been done, even in the second or third season, no, we are not aware that this stage has been reached. And also we cannot go beyond raising our concern.

With absolute seriousness and respect was the talk we had with the producer, he clarified at that time.

You can also read Aracely's Lawyer talks about Luis Miguel: The Series Are they three?

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However, it was the show program itself, "De primera mano" where it was confirmed that the situations between his client and the "Sol" held at some point, would be reflected in a third season, since in the second installment contemplate the romance between the two celebrity figures.


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