Captain America, here's the crazy Hydra theory for Chris Evans' return

Ever since the first release of the Deadline report which stressed how Chris Evans were in talks to return to Marvel Studios again as Steve Rogers / Captain America, the most disparate theories on how to present his reappearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have followed one another seamlessly.

Established that it will not be a possible Captain America 4, as the character should perform the function that Robert Downey Jr. had after the end of the Iron Man saga, i.e. small cameos and extras, this is because his character may no longer be able to face a threat similar to Thanos, this that doesn't mean that version of Captain America will return to the MCU. It could be Captain America from another timeline, for example ...

Maybe just that version of Captain America closely linked to Hydra which caused so much sensation back in 2016 in the world of comics, and of which we also got a funny quote right in the latest Avengers: Endgame. In the Secret Empire storyline, the Shield uses fragments of the Cosmic Cube to alter reality, but these fragments end up with a little girl named Kobik. The Red Skull, who once held the Cosmic Cube in his hand, will also make its way through the child and sees the opportunity to indoctrinate Kobik to Hydra, thus leading to the creation of a Captain America faithful to Hydra.

Could this be the character that will allow Chris Evans to return to Marvel? Superficially, it appears that the actor is denying his return to the MCU, and maybe that may even be true, because it may be that previously, actually, the star met with the top Marvel Studuos to discuss his eventual return. However, it is important not to forget how actors who play such important roles in the entertainment scene often know how to lie or mislead fans' attentions.

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