Captivate your fans! Manelyk shows off her charms on the beach

Known for her extravagant personality Manelyk González, one of the main figures of Acapulco Shore from the first season shared several Photographs where it shows its charms to his fans while enjoying the delicious sun on the beach.

Mane She has won the affection of viewers thanks to her original personality, as well as that of her peers, however it has been Manelyk who has become more popular at least on Instagram, so far she has more than 10 million followers in the application, even surpassing Celia lora the Boss of Acapulco Shore.

The singer and businesswoman, as well as a social media star, is quite active on Instagram. Mane continuously shares photos and also some videos where she shows her exquisite figure, the result of arduous training in the gym and also the occasional aesthetic arrangement.

Together with her boyfriend Jawy they are currently known as the "Mawy" by the combination of their names, both have become the couple of the moment, so much has been their popularity together that MTV decided to launch a reality show where both Mane and Jawy They are the protagonists, they recently released their second season and it would not be a surprise if a third is shared thanks to the chemistry that both have and the love they profess, they seem to be perfect for each other.

The second season of the reality show is called "Los Mawy: from the den to the ranch", both move to a ranch for a while, this belongs to the Manelyk family and they ask for help with him, so they venture into this new life that surely brought you many unexpected surprises.

The one that is parakeet wherever it is is green !!! Or the one that is green wherever it is is a parakeet ??? How is ??? ", description of your publication.

Last July 10 Manelyk González undertook the task of publishing tremendous photographs (in total there are 3) on his official Instagram account.

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In the first we can see her from her hips to the top, she is wearing a two-piece swimsuit, of various colors, blue, red and white, it is a flower pattern with these combined colors, she is also wearing glasses for him sun and a shirt of various shades of blue.

For the second image you can see a close up (a close-up) like any flirtatious woman Mane she made a face that could easily bristle the hair of anyone who saw her, she is extremely attractive! she knows it and takes advantage of it

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In the third photograph we once again enjoyed seeing Manelyk Show off your great charms and tiny waist with this photograph that attracts the eye of anyone, the publication has more than half a million red hearts and surely this number will continue to grow.

Little by little, Mane has been achieving great changes in her life, since she entered Acapulco Shore, her personality has not changed, she affirms that she is the same young woman who entered reality when she was only 25 years old, of course today She is a bit more mature, but thanks to the experiences she has had, she has managed to better cope with the problems that arise.

Like her best friend Karime Pindter who has also ventured into the business world, both are two great personalities not only in social networks but also in business, in which apparently they have done quite well, especially the Matrioska as well. Karime is known, she has been one of the most moved members of Aca Shore when it comes to outside work.

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