Carnage’s Fury, in the trailer there is a blatant homage to Raimi’s Spider-Man

Venom and Spider-Man have always been closely linked, forming a perfect couple in the comics but, so far, little and badly exploited on the big screen: the paths of the two, however, do not seem destined to cross again soon … Despite the our Peter Parker is always in the thoughts of his nemesis!

The proof of what we say is clearly visible in the first trailer of Venom: The Fury of Carnage, the sequel to the film released in 2018 with Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock: in the movie, in fact, there is a rather blatant homage just to dear Spider-Man … And, to be precise, not just any Spider-Man!

At a certain point in the trailer, in fact, we can see the presence in plain sight of a copy of the Daily Bugle, the newspaper directed by the good J. Jonah Jameson in which our Peter works as a reporter: the graphic layout of the newspaper also clearly recalls that of the Daily Bugle seen in the trilogy of Spider-Man by Sam Raimi (whose last chapter sees, on the other hand, the only version of Venom that appeared on the big screen before that of Tom Hardy).

A tribute that gives us hope: we will see Venom and Spidey finally together in the near future? Who can tell! In the meantime, let’s find out together what are the powers of Carnage, the villain of Venom 2.

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