Celia Lora impacts without clothes from the bathroom of her home

The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, has been the center of attention in recent weeks thanks to her tremendous appearance in Acapulco Shore, where she always ends up taking her clothes off completely and this time she did it from her own home.

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This is how the model decided to take a photo without any clothes from the bathroom of her home in a corner, in which she considered what could pamper her millions of followers on Instagram.

And it is that despite the fact that the young woman does not leave her house at all, she has dedicated herself to taking long photographic sessions throughout her home looking for the best place to do it and always finding a better pose and a better place, using her creativity with her photographer who visits her with all the necessary protection measures.

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And it is that the beautiful Mexican does not want to leave her fans without new content on a daily basis, so she is in constant creation, always surpassing herself because the photos have to be better and more attractive to continue growing the number of her social networks.


However, for Celia Lora the numbers are not everything, she explained that what matters to her is that you do with those numbers in fact in this quarantine she dedicated herself to advertising to various businesses that she sent her products for free and without charging them not a single peso because she only seeks to help and be a better person every day.

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It is worth mentioning that the young woman has her own program on MTV called the love office with Celia Lora, which is being a success and thanks to its daring content and her appearance as the boss in Acapulco Shore she has earned one of the first places in the most beautiful and liked women in all Latin America.


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