Celia Lora reveals to Yordi Rosado how her adult video with Apolonia was


The famous mexican model, Celia lora, is recognized for her great daring and for not having any shame in showing her figure and delighting her fans, however, on this occasion she decided to reveal some details to Yordi Pink about his adult video with Apolonia Lapiedra.

And it is worth remembering that almost a year ago the young woman made a video for adults in which she appears with the actress of this same industry, Apollonia The stone, in which the two pose for the camera and exchange some caresses for the exclusive content of an entertainment page + 18.

At the time, controversy broke out in social networks and although not many were surprised, the young woman managed to cause a great impact by daring to perform this action and record it in a video that will never be deleted from the internet, because once uploaded there it would be very hard to erase forever.

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So a few weeks ago during his visit to the Yordi Rosado program, he decided to reveal some details under the questions of the same host, who was quite interested in the subject, for obvious reasons, and decided to investigate a little how the making and recording of this video was .

Already on the show, Celia Lora revealed that everything was quite fast and what she thought of this actress thanks to the fact that she and her husband sought her out because they wanted to know something that caused even more curiosity on the part of Yordi and her audience.

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Put this moment in which Celia gave more details revealing that at the time of getting to the recording things happened quite fast and fluid, since they got directly to the recording, without the need for some drinks or something that made them feel comfortable (an idea that Yordi thought it would have been good to perform), receiving without knowing some caresses from the famous Spanish adult entertainment actress, who was in charge of making her classic faces in which she shows how much she enjoys her work, Celia clarified.


Of course, this caused some grace to the hosts of the program, who did not stop joking and laughing about the subject due to some nervousness that was evident when imagining the scene, a video that they claimed they had not seen, but that they would put at the end the program.

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The Mexican thinks that it is very likely that Apolonia does like women even though she is married, because it is seen that she is a very liberal girl and she was also in charge of raising the temperature of Yordi's study and the listeners, who were able to meet the story from a much closer point.

In case you didn't know, since 2019 Álex Lora's daughter ventured into the world of movies that many see and few talk about, which caught the attention of several people. Apolonia Lapiedra is an actress who has been acting in the famous industry for a little longer, she began her career in this medium since 2015 and she had to work in the company of Celia Lora last year.

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One might think that it is an advertising strategy of the 36-year-old, since Celia Lora has shared the release date of her video with Lapiedra; In the images they appear doing various postures and although part of their bodies were hidden, it is still somewhat controversial.

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