Chayanne Temptations! reveals how he manages to overcome them

One of the most beloved and successful singers of Latin origin is undoubtedly Chayanne, who over the years has done nothing more than captivate our ears with his music and our pupils with his dances, however it is worth mentioning that in more than 40 years of career, on more than one occasion he may have gone through difficult moments with certain temptations, in an interview he confessed how he has managed to cope with them.

The full name of the singer who performs "Provocame" is Elmer Figueroa Arce, however it was thanks to his mother who is now known internationally as ChayanneSince he was a baby, his mother baptized him with this pseudonym thanks to a television program that she liked very much.

Chayanne's popularity began when he was very little and as time went by he did nothing but believe that he did it too, because thanks to the constant dancing and exercises he did, he managed to have a spectacular figure, which to this day is 52 year-old continues to be a favorite of female audiences.

The media loves talking to Chayanne and above all interviewing them, this thanks to the fact that with his charisma and personality he manages to make everyone who sees him fall in love, he is such a nice person that all his interviews flow from the most natural thing so that the mere fact of seeing him as the hear it.

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A few years ago in 2014 a video on YouTube on the CNN channel in Spanish where they interviewed the singer, and made some interesting revelations to the beautiful interviewer who apparently had already known him for a long time, this one is entitled: "A very intimate encounter with Chayanne | First part ", we'll show you right away:

The Puerto Rican singer Chayanne returns with a new record production "En Todo Estaré" and sits in a very pleasant and mischievous interview with Mariela Encarnación from Showbiz ", introduction to the video.

How to stand firm and resist temptations? was the question that the interpreter was asked that surely more than one of his admirers will be happy to hear.

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Chayanne admits that there are beautiful people in the world, it is inevitable not to turn to see when something or someone catches your attention, he admits that simply by enjoying the sight of seeing and meeting interesting people, saying hello or giving them a hug with that he has, in addition to the fact that he also has a wonderful family that he enjoys.

Creating a balance between his work and family is what has helped him to keep his feet on the ground, especially because for years he has had the support of his family and especially his wife Marilisa who adores him and has touched her. go through several difficult moments, not having him around due to tours and so on.

People know that I do it with love, with respect and I think that there is all the support if you enjoy the song and you like it, then people can come to enjoy that work, "said Chayanne.

For the singer, family is the basis of everything, that at least respect for his family, which was instilled in him since childhood, has worked for him in his career, it may be different with other artists but as far as he is concerned, support of the family and above all respect is everything.

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Undoubtedly Chayanne He always manages to surprise everyone who sees or hears him, either by performing his songs or in an interview, which is why he is so beloved because in addition to making us enjoy he always leaves us some teaching, which is worth taking into account.

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