Chernobyl radioactive cloud, possible new threat causes memes on Twitter

The new news on Twitter about a radioactive cloud of Chernobyl It has quickly become a trend in social networks because it is said to be the new possible threat to end of the world has sparked a new wave of memes.

The year 2020 has been considered as one of the most catastrophic Worldwide because since it started they have appeared tragedy after tragedy.

According to Telemundo they mention that an alleged single has been detected by experts and Swedish authorities.

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They also claim that it was the country itself that alerted the world that a radioactive cloud is targeting Eastern Europe and that it comes from a chernobyl nuclear power plantFurthermore, said country warned that it would not only affect Europe but would also reach America.

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Despite the fact that the Russian media ruled out that there is a fault in their nuclear plants, they affirm that everything is under control.

However, the Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Lassina Zerbo, affirms the portal that they detected certain radioactive activity to the north of the European continent itself that could cause cancer.

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"#Chernobyl Now that the radioactive cloud entered this toxic game called 2020, I open thread of what is it, where does it come from and what is it about 2020 who hurt you so much? #AbroHilo", comment from a user on Twitter.

So far the news about the alleged radioactive cloud has had no further official communication and users on social networks have created countless memes about the new threat against humanity and they used the "# What else 2020".

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At the same time Chernobyl it became a trend again after remembering the tragic nuclear accident that happened in April 1986 in Ukraine.

"Another character of the Apocalypse coming to 2020 when we believed that everything was calming down #Chernobyl", one of the memes that we will find on Twitter.

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