China On US Tech Companies: Obey Trump’s Ban And Face The Outcomes

The Chinese government has warned US-based technology companies to obey President Trump’s ban stopping the companies from selling technologies to Chinese companies.

This came after Beijing announced its desire to compile a list of individuals and companies it described as “unreliable.”

This is considered a retaliatory move in response to President Trump’s directive to American companies to cut off Huawei, a Chinese company, from its list of customers.

Speaking under anonymity, the informants claimed that the companies invited to the meeting by the Chinese government include powerful tech companies that include semiconductor manufacturers.

Prior to the ban on Huawei on the premises of serving as a spy for the Chinese government in view of the company’s closeness to the government, the United States and China had been involved in a series of disputes.

These disputes already strained the relationship between the two superpowers with the ban on Huawei the last move that didn’t go down well with the Chinese government.

The strained relationship between the two countries may hit the rock if no drastic measures are taken to address the issues and find a permanent solution to them.

In his words, a senior adverser to Center for Strategic and International Studies, Scott Kennedy said:

“This is now extremely delicate because the Trump administration through its brinkmanship tactics has destabilized the entire relationship, commercial and otherwise.”

Pau Triolo, a senior official at Eurasia Group, a consultancy company, assumes the ban is US’s effort to halt the rise of China’s technology.

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