Chiquis Rivera: the truth of what happened between her and Esteban Loaiza could come out

The true of what really happened between Jenni Rivera's eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera and her then partner, Stephen Loaiza, could come out finally after so many years of rumors and gossip.

Almost 8 years after the loss of Band Diva, They assure that the family now thinks about bringing to light the video about what actually happened between the two of them.

According to the Instagram account of Scandal, the Rivera family wants to make known to everyone the video that has been talked about for a long time.

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Where is would deny the rumors that there was a romance between Chiquis and Esteban which also ended with the marriage of Jenni and him.

Also in the publication it was announced that the video is in hands of the Jenni's younger sister, Rossie Rivera, and the only thing that has stopped them from bringing it to light is not agreeing whether to do it or not.

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As expected, thousands of Internet users immediately reacted to the great scandal, pointing out that perhaps this is the true one. reason for separation between Chiquis and Lorenzo.

So the video that shows the true relationship between Chiquis Rivera and Esteban Loaiza could come out, something that would undoubtedly calm the waters or further upset the public.

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And in this way the family seeks put an end to the rumors between the singer and the former baseball player who point out that they had an affair when he was still married to Jenni Rivera.

It should be noted that Jenni began to suspect of the alleged romance when he reviewed a recording on the security camcorder in his room, and he discovered that six weeks of recording had been erased.

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So now there is only left wait that the family decides, because without a doubt it will be a tremendous scandal when the truth comes to light.


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