Chris Evans ready to return to the MCU? All the news

In a move that is sure to upset the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, reliable sources of Deadline very close to Marvel Studios they claim that Chris Evans would be removing some dust from his costume Captain America, ready to return as the superhero in the future of the MCU.

In fact, the sources say that the beloved performer should return to the Cinematic Universe in a still not better defined form. The same also add that the deal is not yet closed but that there is much discussion about it, even if the insiders say that the management is almost certainly that of the return of Chris Evans as Captain America in at least one of the Marvel properties, with an open door for a second film as well.

Always sources argue that it is unlikely this is a new chapter in the franchise Captain America but let the idea come closer to what Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man did after Iron Man 3, appeared in Civil War e Spider-Man: Homecoming. At the moment, however, Marvel has not commented on Deadline's indiscretions.

However, it is news that is sensational, especially after the many statements made by Evans in which he said he was convinced of forever hang the mask on the nail, enough to bequeath the shield to Falcon at the end of the spectacular Avengers: Endgame.

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