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"Supergirl", the fiction of the chain The CW based on the last daughter of Krypton returns for his fifth season, at a start of action-packed season seeds are planted for new challenges and enemies that the Girl of Steel will face in this new stage of its history, at the same time that new battles arise that will cause conflicts between the main characters.

The start of the season started with 1.30 million of spectators with 0.4 / 2 demo in the range of 18 to 49 years. In its performance the episode managed to go back considerably with respect to the end of the fourth season 4 × 22: “The Quest For Peace” which was followed by 1.07 million of spectators This figure as we already started is below the television debut of "Batwoman" which also took place on Sunday October with an audience of 1.40 million.

We will comment on the episode. Spoilers notice.

Comments of Supergirl 5 × 01: Even In The Horizon

  • A new technology of virtual reality devices and augmented cause rage among the inhabitants of National City, these devices as contact lenses were created by a company called Obsidian North Tech whose CEO is the debutante Andrea Rojas who has also acquired CatCo, workplace of Supergirl and several of her friends.
  • Kara Danvers wins the Pulitzer Prize thanks to her report where she brought to light the conspiracy of Lex Luthor last season, she and her friends discuss the demand that technological devices have on the inhabitants of the city. Another dilemma that plagues Kara is to reveal or not to Lena Luthor that she is Supergirl since this would represent a blow to your friend.
  • In the National City museum that contains an exhibition related to Supergirl and Superman, an alien shapeshifter begins to wreak havoc when transforming into a tyrannosaurus-rex. Supergirl arrives at the scene and after a brief confrontation, he escapes using the spacecraft in which his cousin, Superman, arrived on Earth. Kara's cape is damaged in battle.
  • In the DEO barracks, the Supergirl team analyzes the theft to the exhibition, J’onn J’onzz who also went to the emergency states that the shapeshifter attacked him psychically. The group determines that the energy core of the Superman spacecraft it would represent an imminent danger given its ability of almost nuclear power.
  • Andrea Rojas is presented to CatCo staff as the new editor in chief and says his intention to convert the news agency to one with a tabloid profile and clickbait. Kara, James Olsen and Nia Nal are not convinced with the editorial direction that the company could take.
  • Lena Luthor, furious with Kara for having cheated her so many times and hiding her identity as Supergirl creates a simulation with the help of Obsidian North Tech devices to vent her disappointment against the Kryptonian. Lena sentence that He wants to cause the Steel Girl the same pain it caused her. Lena also creates an artificial intelligence that she calls Hope and declares that she trusts in technology, not people.
  • Kara goes to visit Lena to find out why she sold CatCo to Andrea Rojas and is arguing that it was a business decision since the communication agency was not being profitable.
  • Lena Luthor agrees with Andrea Rojas to offer her exclusive news: reveal Supergirl's identity to the public when Kara Danvers is receiving her Pulitzer Prize.
  • The alien form changer uses the core of the Superman ship to create a projector to the Ghost Zone that allows him to release a prisoner called Midnight, with the powers to create energy gaps and black holes. This being seeks revenge against Martian Manhunter since he was an ally of the white Martians in the past and has a personal hatred against him for having locked her up.
  • Midnight confronts Supergirl and her allies but after a brief battle decides to flee the place. J’onn J’onzz says he’s not able to remember it.

Image of Supergirl 5x01: Event Horizon

  • Kara confronts Andrea Rojas and makes it clear that she will not abandon her journalistic style because of the new editorial cut she is looking for. Rojas introduces Kara to William Day who will be supervising the work done by Kara convincing her not to quit.
  • At the Pulitzer party, Kara meets Lena and after a difficult deliberation decides to be honest with Lena and confesses to the edge of crying that she is Supergirl. Lena pretends to be stunned by such revelation.
  • The daughter of the Luthor family is the one who offers the speech before giving Kara her Pulitzer, Lena indirectly reflects her feeling before Kara. Midnight attacks the theater where the ceremony is taking place.

New image of the fifth season of Supergirl

  • Kara reconciles with Lena before taking action wearing a new nanotechnology suit granted by Brainiac 5. Supergirl and her allies face Midnight who begins to create huge energy gaps that absorb everything in her path. The group manages to stop the prisoner and, using the same projector that brought her, they return her to the Phantom Zone.
  • James Olsen decides to resign from his position at CatCo after having a motivational talk with his sister Kelly.
  • Lena decides not to reveal to Andrea Rojas that Kara is Supergirl. Later Kara meets her and they make peace, she decides to give her a special watch to stay close to her, but in reality Lena has not forgiven her. Lena continues to use the virtual reality device to come up with a new plan to go against Supergirl.
  • Throughout the episode we see how Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen, James's sister, have been dating for a while. Nia Nal Y Brainiac 5 They also advance in their relationship.
  • The alien shapeshifter arrives at the office of J'onn J'onzz and this is revealed as another green Martian and brother of J'onn, who seeks revenge against his consanguineous for having been taken out of the way by him and his father M'ryn . Despite not being mentioned, the name of this being is Ma´alefa´ak who was brought to Earth-38 by the Monitor at the end of last season. Image of Supergirl (2014 -?) 5x01: Event Horizon

Easter eggs and references in Supergirl 5 × 01: Even In The Horizon

  • Among the artifacts stolen by Ma’’efa’ak is a piece correspondent to Lord Technologies, company of Maxwell Lord, character of the comics who was a recurring antagonist during the first season, but after its completion has not reappeared in the series and is vaguely mentioned.
  • Ma’lefa’ak also known with Malefic and Malefic Jones debuted in the comics at the hands of writer John Ostrander and artist Tom Mandrake for Martian Manhunter # 0 in 1998 and the arch-enemy of J’onn J’onzz who is his twin brother, besides possessing his same abilities. We also saw this character in the animated film “Justice League: Doom ” in 2012.
  • Andrea Rojas within the DC Universe is known as Acrata and is a Mexican superheroine who obtained his powers from an ancient Mayan amulet that gives him the ability to teleport in the shadows in addition to knowing martial arts. Andrea Rojas first appeared in Superman Annual Volume 2 # 12 created by writers Oscar Pinto, Giovanni Barberi and artist F.G Hanghenbeck.
  • Julie Gonzalo, Argentine actress plays this reimagined version of Andrea Rojas being this the second live-action of the character. The first was in the fifth season of "Smallville" where Andrea has a unique appearance and is called "Angel of Vengeance".
  • Lena Luthor sells to CatCo for 1.3 billion. He had originally bought it in the third season for $ 759 million, because he knew how much the news agency meant to Kara when they maintained their friendship.
  • In the exhibition of the museum of the last children of Krypton we can see blankets with images of several villains who have paraded through the series, among them Reign, Livewire and Lex Luthor.
  • The new Supergirl costume bears similarities with some versions where it omitted the traditional skirt for pants, including the eleventh season of "Smallville" canon in comics and the video game of Injustice 2 released in 2017. Previously in the series we have seen Kara doubles as Overgirl in the crossover of 2017 “Crisis on Earth X “And Red Daughter during the fourth season wear similar attire.
  • When Kara and company face Midnight the song sounds “Supermassive Black Hole” of the musical group Muse, that given the abilities of the enemy is literally according to the scene of the battle.
  • When Alex Danvers joins the fight against the enemy, he asks his super-friends how they get dressed so soon to jump into battle, meanwhile she still struggles with her party dress.
  • Kara gives Lena a sonic clock, this device is characteristic of Superman comics and several characters throughout the series including Alex Danvers, Winn Schott and James Olsen own one.

Next chapter “Stranger Beside Me” opens on October 13

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